Rapid Reply
Why Rapid Reply?FeaturesPricingLog InAdd to Gmail, it's freeRapid Reply‣🎛 Control panel (This is hidden from your site)Content databases →Site pages →📒Articles ListThe Business Owner NewsletterGet Started For Free, Upgrade When You’re ReadyAboutUsing this template →OnboardingSave 30 minutes a day writing emails, and focus on growing your businessRapid Reply is an AI email assistant for business owners that get more than 15 emails a day. It writes emails for you!Add to Gmail, it's freeRequires Google ChromeLive DemoimageConquer inbox overload. Be more productive. Stop writing the same emails everyday!Business owners are spending up to 1-2 hours a day on email. Much of this on "low value" and "repetitive" tasks - confirming meetings, saying "yes" or "no" in a polite way, "thank yous" and confirming something is "done". Now there is a better way.Fast, polite replies in seconds, with 1-clickGmail and Google Workspace integrationA free Google Chrome extension allows you to integrate Rapid Reply into your existing email workflow.Fast, one-click email suggestionsFast full-length emails generated with one click. Includes link integrations like Calendly.comDictate your emailsJust tell Rapid Reply how you want to reply to an email and it writes it in 2 seconds.Use AI to help you reply to emails smarter and faster ✓ Dictate your emails✓ One-click email suggestions✓ Learns your writing style✓ Change writing style and tone✓ Expand short “text messages” to long emails✓ Integrate links e.g. Calendly.com✓ Mobile✓ Create and save your own AI-powered email templatesRapid Reply 90 second video demoWhat our customers think"Rapid Reply saves me 2-4 hours a week on email. It's changed how I do email forever. I am faster, more polite and no longer need to start with a blank page. It also helps get over the emotional hump of writing difficult emails. Email is fun again." image