Navigating the world of fundraising can be an overwhelming experience for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. With a diverse range of investors to choose from and numerous pitches to make, it's essential to have the right tools and resources to streamline the process. Enter a comprehensive tool designed to simplify your fundraising efforts: an all-in-one platform that equips founders with the necessary data and communication means to connect with investors.

Discover a World of Investors

At the core of the platform is a database boasting over 55,000 investors, all searchable by various criteria such as industry, geography, investment stage, and diversity title. This extensive network provides a valuable starting point for any fundraising campaign, allowing founders to easily identify potential investors who are the best fit for their startups.

Connect with Top Investors

The tool provides detailed information on each investor, including profiles of general partners and managing partners from a variety of venture capital firms. Founders have access to contact information and can directly connect with notable figures such as:

· Leo Polovets from Susa Ventures

· Thanos Papadimitriou from Charge Ventures

· Susan Lyne from BBG Ventures

· Ashly WhiteHurst from LAUNCH

· Kanyi Maqubela from Kindred Ventures

· Alex Hartz from SciFi VC

· Jesse Walden from Variant

· David Mort from Propel VC

· Ryan Shuler from Legendary Ventures

· Vivien Ho from Pear VC

Each profile includes links to the investor's website and a method to send an email, providing a direct line to key decision-makers.

A Tool Loved by Founders

Entrepreneurs have found this tool incredibly easy and effective for finding investors and initiating contact. By not only displaying LinkedIn profiles and email addresses but also utilizing AI to help compose initial messages, the tool transforms how founders reach out to potential backers.

All-in-one Features

This tool is rich with features designed to meet an entrepreneur's fundraising needs:

· Verified Email Addresses: A significant portion of the investor listings include verified email contacts.

· Accurate Data: The platform ensures information accuracy by analyzing investors' previous deals.

· Active Investor Listing: The focus is on investors with active deals in the past year.

· Diverse Search Filters: Founders can search for investors based on specific types or sectors.

· Regular Updates: The database is kept current, with new investor information added weekly.

· Genuine Investment Potential: It lists only investors who have the funds ready to invest.

· One-Click Outreach: The platform allows for effortless connection with investors.

· AI-Powered Messaging: If you're stuck on what to say, the AI model can assist in drafting an effective message.

Trusted Worldwide

More than 5,000 founders across the globe trust this platform for its ease of use and the efficiency it brings to the investor outreach process. Whether it's creating a targeted list of investors or saving time on initial communications, the tool is revered as indispensable for startups pursuing venture capital.

Pros and Cons

While the tool is powerfully equipped with features catered to founders, here are some points to consider:


· Access to an extensive network of potential investors

· AI assistance for drafting messages

· Up-to-date and verified contact information

· Ability to connect directly to investors with available funds (dry powder)


· May require some time to learn all features effectively

· Reliance on digital communication may not suit all outreach strategies

Overall, this fundraising tool is strategically designed to make the search and connection with investors easier, proving to be a valuable asset in an entrepreneur's arsenal for successful fundraising.

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