Qwerki: Your New AI-Powered Companion for Productivity and Organization

Are you tired of juggling reminders, to-do lists, and notes just to stay on top of your everyday tasks? It's time to say hello to Qwerki – your new AI-powered companion designed to make your life easier and more organized. Here's a look at what Qwerki can do for you:

Effortless Note-taking and Task Management

Never forget a thing
With Qwerki, capturing ideas and to-do's is a breeze – whether you're in a meeting, lecture, or on the go, notes are seamlessly organized for you. From jotting down notes on the fly to managing your daily tasks, Qwerki makes it simple, so you never forget an important detail.

Collaborate Instantly

Never work alone
Qwerki is more than a personal assistant – it's your collaboration companion. Share notes and reminders effortlessly, working in real-time with friends, colleagues, and family. Now you can easily coordinate events, projects, and tasks by letting Qwerki keep everyone on the same page.

Reminders, On Your Terms

Reminded all the way
No more missing important dates or deadlines. Set up reminders that adapt to your schedule and preferences. Whether it's a meeting, birthday, or an important task, Qwerki has you covered so that you don't miss out on anything.

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Productivity?

Qwerki is coming soon to transform the way you capture ideas, manage tasks, and collaborate effortlessly. With Qwerki, you can experience the future of productivity and organization at your fingertips.

Ready for a more organized and productive lifestyle? Be the first to get early access to Qwerki.


  • Simple, intuitive note-taking and task management
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Customizable reminders and alerts
  • Seamless integration across different platforms (e.g. iOS, macOS, Android, and Web)


  • There could be limitations with certain functionalities for those who prefer more manual control over their organization and task management.

Are you excited about Qwerki? Sign up for the waitlist to get early access and start streamlining your life. Welcome to the future of productivity and organization – welcome to Qwerki.

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