Discover QuizWhiz: The AI-Powered Quiz-Making Companion

Crafting Multiple Choice Quizzes Made Easy

Quiz-making for educators just got a whole lot simpler. Meet QuizWhiz, a state-of-the-art tool designed to transform any block of text into a fully-fledged multiple-choice quiz. This clever application is aimed at assisting teachers and educators in rapidly creating quizzes and examinations to test student knowledge.

The Mechanics of QuizWhiz

Getting started with QuizWhiz is a breeze. Its user-friendly interface allows you to enter text directly or upload a PDF document. Upon receiving the provided material, QuizWhiz works its magic, pulling key information and assembling a set of questions with a variety of answer options.

A Peek into the Process

To give an illustration, let's take a common subject such as the blood circulatory system. Say you enter a passage describing its components and functions into QuizWhiz; the tool will then produce multiple-choice questions (MCQs), like these:

· Q: What is the blood circulatory system?

· a: A system of organs that includes the lungs, blood vessels, and blood

· b: A system of organs that includes the heart, blood vessels, and blood

· c: A system of organs that includes the liver, blood vessels, and blood

· d: A system of organs that includes the kidneys, blood vessels, and blood

Tailored Subscriptions for Everyone

QuizWhiz offers a tiered pricing structure that caters to the needs of different users. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned educator in need of a robust tool, there's a plan for you:

· Starter: This free package gives you 20 runs, perfect for individuals who are new to QuizWhiz.

· Basic: At $9 per month, you gain access to up to 1,000 runs, fitting for users with moderate quiz-making needs.

· Pro: Priced at $18 per month, this plan boasts up to 5,000 runs, ideal for advanced users and educational institutions.

FAQs to Get You Geared Up

· What exactly is a "run"? A 'run' refers to one instance of creating a set of questions from the provided text.

· What's the limit on input size? The app has a maximum input size to ensure optimal performance.

· Which languages can QuizWhiz understand? The app supports various languages - check their official resources for a detailed list.

· Is there an API for developers? Yes, an API is available for tech-savvy users looking to integrate QuizWhiz's functionality into their platforms.

Looking to Connect?

For those with feedback or inquiries, reaching out to the QuizWhiz team is as simple as sending an email to admin@quizwhiz.ai. Whether you have suggestions to improve the app or need assistance with technical issues, the team is ready to help.

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