Quino AI

Simplifying Your Study and Research with Quino's AI

Introducing Quino, the AI-powered tool designed to streamline the way you handle text-based information. From students to professionals, anyone who deals with a lot of written content can benefit from the smart features Quino offers.

Summarization is one of the core components of Quino. The tool not only enables you to highlight a text segment for a concise summary but also goes the extra mile by creating bullet points to pick out the key pieces of information. Ideal for when you're trying to quickly understand complex material or need to review key concepts without going through the entire text again.

For those who spend a lot of time studying, the Question Answering function can be extremely handy. Simply pose a question, and Quino will provide a full answer based on the contents of your document. This feature could be particularly beneficial for preparing for exams or meetings where understanding specific details is crucial.

Question Generation adds another layer to studying by allowing you to create quizzes. This means you can generate multiple-choice questions and flashcards from your material, making study sessions more productive and interactive.

AI Lookup is a feature that saves time on research, as it intelligently searches the web for the meaning of a word, phrase, or concept based on the context within the document you're working from.

Another powerful aspect is Full Document Summarization. It's tailored to transform lengthy documents into brief overviews quickly, capturing the essence and main points, which is especially useful when you’re dealing with extensive research material.

Quino also assists in evaluating your knowledge. By generating a custom test from a deck of questions, it helps identify areas that require more focus, thus streamlining your learning process.

Let’s have a quick view of Quino's offerings:


Free Plan: This gives you a taste of Quino's capabilities, allowing you to read, take notes, and organize your learning materials while trying out the AI features.


Free Student Plan: It is engineered to supercharge study sessions with an array of AI tools, all at your fingertips.


Pro Plan: At $15/month, this plan is best suited for those who are ready for extensive research and need unfettered access to all tools.

Who Can Benefit from Quino?


Students: Quickly prepare for tests and complete assignments by summarizing content and creating study aids.


Self-learners: Optimize time by auto-generating notes on various books and structuring information in the most convenient way.


Professionals: Effectively organize large data sets and have information readily available on command.


Researchers: Upload studies, papers, and articles, and efficiently sift through information using the summarization and chat features.

Why Choose Quino?

Quino is popular, boasting over 80,000 satisfied users, 140,000 bullet points generated, and 75,000 questions answered. Its success stems from the user-friendly interface and the innovative use of alternative vectorization technology, which allows for speedy and cost-efficient processing.

So, if you're seeking to up your productivity and cut down on the time you spend deciphering texts, Quino invites you to try its features and join the community of users who have found it to be an invaluable tool in their learning and research endeavors.

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