Query Vary

Introducing Query Vary: Your Partner in Prompt Engineering

In the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, fine-tuning prompts for large language models (LLMs) is an essential yet often intricate process that developers face. This is where Query Vary steps in—providing a robust set of tools that enable you to design, test, and refine prompts efficiently.

Query Vary is the ally every developer needs to ensure reliability, reduce latency, and optimize costs in developing enterprise-grade LLM applications. Crafted with attention to the needs of developers, Query Vary supports you through a seamless prompt evaluation process.

Success Stories from Professionals


Mike Addams, Machine Learning Engineer: Found that testing and tweaking prompts were effortless using Query Vary. Its ability to handle variations was transformative for his workflow.


Sanket, Developer: Praised the software for resolving the balance among quality, latency, and cost, making his development tasks much lighter.


Walter Pintor, Backend Developer: Celebrated the tool for making the design of LLM prompts straightforward and enhancing his productivity.


Lam Zi Xin, Full Stack Developer: Appreciated how quickly he could produce new templates, allowing for tailor-fit solutions for his projects.


Sunil Mishra, Senior Developer: Saw an incredible optimization in his work thanks to the feature-rich environment of Query Vary.


Dirk Jan-Veen, CEO - PAWCARE AI: Commended the software for its templates that expedited the process of perfecting prompts.

How Does Query Vary Work?

Setting up takes less than five minutes:


Optimize: Input your prompt chain along with the preferred model and API key. Query Vary will generate variations and fetch answers for you.


Secure: Receive instant stats on performance, allowing you to fine-tune the balance between quality, latency, and cost.

Four Pillars of Power

Query Vary’s features stand out in the development landscape:


Comparison of LLMs: Choose from different AI options to find the best fit for your business needs.


Tracking Metrics: Gauge efficiency by tracking cost, latency, and quality—critical metrics in prompt engineering.


Version Control: Maintain past versions of your prompts to guarantee that you can always return to notable working states.


Embedded LLMs: Integrate fine-tuned LLMs straight into JavaScript, expediting the development of AI-driven applications.

Tailored Pricing for Everyone

With its flexible plan structure, Query Vary is accessible to individual developers, startups, and large firms alike. For instance, the Standard plan includes essential features like basic test suites and access to GPT3.5-Turbo and PaLM 2, providing 500 answers per month.

Pros and Cons of Query Vary

While Query Vary offers many advantages, it's important to consider the full spectrum:


· Streamlined prompt design process

· Useful for various development roles

· Quick setup and user-friendly interface

· Cost-effective pricing plans


· May require an initial learning curve

· Usage limits based on pricing plans could constrain very high-volume testing

For developers navigating the complexities of LLM applications, Query Vary presents itself as a comprehensive and innovative solution. To learn more or start enhancing your development process, visit Query Vary and consider booking a demo today.

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