What is QTR?

QTR is an advanced AI-powered weekly planner that helps you organize your life in weekly sprints, plan your days with precision, and achieve your long-term dreams, 13 weeks at a time.

Features of QTR

The Method: QTR is the only AI-powered planner that helps you organize your life into weekly sprints, allowing you to concentrate on your goals and tasks with clarity.

Wall of Love: Busy professionals, including CEOs and founders, trust and love QTR for its unique approach to task and time management.

Pricing: Join the waitlist to get access to QTR's unique features and experience a new level of organization and productivity in your life.

Blog: Stay updated on the latest news, tips, and success stories related to utilizing the QTR planner for optimizing your life.

About: Learn more about how the QTR weekly planner came into existence and the team behind it.

Why Choose QTR?

Trusted by Busy Professionals: CEOs and founders endorse QTR for its benefits in terms of bringing clarity, focus, and prioritization in their daily lives.

The Ultimate All-in-One Productivity Tool: QTR combines goals, projects, tasks, calendars, notes, and journals all in one place, making it a go-to choice for those seeking an all-in-one productivity solution.

Plan your week: Organize your life in weekly sprints and deeply plan your days for the week, bringing more structure and focus to your life.

Timeblock your day: Envision your days with precision, drag your tasks directly into timeslots, and sync them with your calendar, making daily planning a breeze.

Journal daily: Engage in a reflective practice with daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly journals, each with a set of guided prompts for a more thoughtful and structured approach to journaling.

Plan projects: Efficiently manage your projects by brainstorming your ideas and plans right within the QTR planner. It brings everything related to your projects into one organized space.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Clarity in daily planning and life organization Trust of busy professionals like CEOs and founders Unique combination of task and time management All-in-one productivity tool Cons: Limited availability (Join the waitlist to gain access) In conclusion, QTR is a game-changer for individuals seeking an advanced, AI-powered solution to manage their life, organize their tasks, and achieve their long-term goals effectively.

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