Have you ever found yourself swimming in a sea of digital video content, desperately trying to find that one perfect shot or sequence? You painstakingly scrub through hours of footage, looking for that needle in the haystack. Well, it's time to leave those days in the dust, thanks to QMapper's AI Video Analysis!

QMapper's AI Video Analysis is a video search engine like no other, designed to change the game when it comes to managing and sourcing footage from your video library. It’s the helping hand video editors around the world have been waiting for.

What Does QMapper Do?

QMapper uses advanced AI technology to sift through your videos and identify key events, subjects, and scenes by creating metadata for each file. This isn't just your regular tagging, though; it's a deep understanding and cataloging system that allows you to pinpoint your searches with amazing accuracy.

New Update - Search Your Local Videos

Gone are the days of digging through hard drives and network-attached storage without a clue. QMapper has rolled out a new feature that lets you apply this state-of-the-art search capability to your very own local video storage. Converting your video collections into searchable assets has never been easier.

Benefits of Using QMapper


Streamlined Workflow: It fits so smoothly into your current workflow, enhancing your productivity and efficiency like never before.


Time-saving: Imagine finding the scene you need in just a few clicks instead of hours.


Scalability: No project is too big or too small. QMapper scales to fit your project, whether it's a small local production or a vast media library.


In-depth Metadata: The AI technology goes beyond recognizing objects; it understands scenes and sequences, making your search for specific footage both precise and easy.


Security & Reliability: Relax knowing that the security of your data is a top priority, with robust measures in place to store and process your precious videos safely.

How it Works


See it in Action: A demonstration showcases how QMapper tags and catalogs video contents effectively.


Discover Your Content: You can search, preview clips, and download video metadata for finer control and management of your video assets.


Upload & Define Your Content: You simply add your videos, select the AI metadata you need, and let the system process them into searchable gold.

Is Your Content Safe with QMapper?

For anyone worried about data security, QMapper treats user content with the utmost confidence and protection. The QMapper system is specifically designed to ensure your videos remain safe and under wraps.

All in all, QMapper's AI Video Analysis Tool offers a groundbreaking solution that modernizes the process of video management and editing. Whether you're a professional video editor, a production company, or anyone who deals with a wealth of video content - QMapper might just be what you need to catapult your efficiency to the next level.

Ready to give it a whirl? You can learn more about QMapper and even get early access to the latest features by entering your email address on their website. Your workflow will thank you!

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