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Welcome to Purple Wave!

The Purple Wave Tool

Supercharge your business with the Purple Wave AI tool. Use this tool to generate all your marketing assets, including a complete funnel, a sales page, and email campaigns. Additionally, optimize your customer service with your own web app. Convenient and efficient, Purple Wave is designed to meet all the needs of your digital marketing team and equip them with the latest innovations in the marketplace.

What Can You Do with Purple Wave?

  • Tailor your email campaigns: Create personalized content, automated campaigns, and timely messages to engage your audience and drive better results. By automating your campaigns, you can improve your ROI, use your resources more efficiently, and maintain consistent messaging.
  • Build a user-friendly app: Showcase your knowledge with your own apps on Apple Store and Google Play—without having to code. With templates and regular updates provided by the dedicated team, your app will always stay ahead of the competition.
  • Collect payments seamlessly: Purple Wave is integrated with Stripe, allowing you to quickly and securely collect payments, offer subscription plans, and increase your revenue with one-click upsell options. Cater to your customers' unique needs with a four-time payment option and improve your conversion rates.

Pros and Cons


  • Automate your marketing processes
  • Build a convenient web app
  • Integrate directly with Stripe for seamless payment collection
  • No coding experience needed to launch apps


  • Limited customizability for those who are looking for more advanced features
  • May not be suitable for businesses outside of e-commerce or digital marketing niches

Get on board with Purple Wave and launch, grow, and dominate in your business today!

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