Meet Alpha

Are you interested in a more intelligent approach to investing? Our AI-powered tool can assist you in exploring over 9,000 stocks with company-specific analysis. Additionally, you can invest in ETFs, generate passive income through royalties, and put your cash to work with high-yield Treasuries accounts. Automation gives you the power to diversify your investment strategy with recurring investments and build your portfolio with major cryptocurrencies and alternative assets. Are you ready to start investing and watch your savings grow? Our resources, along with a 5.5% yield with Treasury Accounts, can help you achieve higher yields than a high-yield savings account, without minimum hold periods or settlement delays. It's time to take control of your financial future and invest smarter. Let our AI-powered tool guide you in making informed investment decisions.


  • Access to company-specific analysis for over 9,000 stocks
  • Automation for diversifying investment strategy through recurring investments
  • Ability to invest in major cryptocurrencies and alternative assets


  • Reliance on AI for investment decisions
  • Potential lack of personalization in investment strategy

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