Your Guide to proudP: The Personal Urinary Health Monitoring App

Understanding Your Prostate Health with Technology

Health monitoring devices have become a staple in our lives for keeping tabs on various aspects of our health at home. From blood pressure cuffs to blood glucose meters, these tools help us manage chronic conditions with ease. There is now a groundbreaking addition to this list tailored for men's health - proudP.

What is proudP?

proudP is a revolutionary app that transforms your smartphone into a personal urinary health monitor. Specifically designed to address prostate and bladder health, this app is a boon for anyone experiencing urinary symptoms that may be related to prostate health concerns.

How Does proudP Work?

Utilizing advanced AI sound analytics, proudP listens to the sound of your urine stream and calculates the flow rate, providing key metrics used by urologists such as:

  • Voided Volume
  • Maximum Flow Rate
  • Average Flow Rate
  • Voiding Time

This user-friendly app delivers clinical accuracy just like any other medical device you might use in the comfort of your home.

Why proudP?

Being an FDA Class II medical device, proudP comes with the assurance of quality and reliability. Moreover, it aligns with HIPAA regulations, ensuring the privacy of your health data. This is of paramount importance when dealing with personal health information.

When to Use proudP?

Do you often find yourself waking up at night to urinate? Or perhaps you've noticed a weakened urine stream? These symptoms can be early indicators of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). With proudP, there is no need to wait for a doctor's visit to start understanding these symptoms—you can initiate monitoring right away.

Taking Charge of Your Urological Health

proudP not only helps in immediate symptom tracking but also allows for long-term monitoring with its bladder diary feature, capturing trends over time. Sharing these findings with your doctor can then facilitate a more comprehensive assessment and diagnosis if necessary.

Trustworthy and Endorsed

The app has earned the trust and endorsement of urologists and has been validated by positive feedback from a growing user base that surpasses 13,000 patients and doctors. Their testimonials underscore the app's effectiveness and utility in managing and understanding prostate and urinary health better.

Support and Updates

For any questions about proudP or how it can fit into your personal health routine, the app is supported by an in-depth FAQ page where users can find detailed information. Those interested in staying updated on the app's features and improvements can also subscribe to receive the latest news.

Privacy and Accessibility

proudP prioritizes your data privacy according to strict standards, and the technology has been crafted with accessibility in mind. This means ease of use in the privacy of your home without compromising on the integrity of your health data.

Reimagining Home Health Monitoring

With proudP, home health monitoring has taken a significant leap forward for men's health. It's personal, easy to use, and backed by the medical community.

For a deeper dive into the details of what proudP has to offer, or for general inquiries, visiting the app's website provides a wealth of information.


proudP stands out as a personal health tool that empowers men to take control of their urinary and prostate health. With the convenience of monitoring at any time and place, it's a discreet yet powerful ally in maintaining men's health.

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