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November 22, 2023

Are you tired of endless back-and-forth emails trying to schedule meetings and appointments? Say hello to your new friend, Emily, the AI-powered scheduling assistant! With Emily, you can say goodbye to scheduling hassles and hello to a more efficient, stress-free way of managing your calendar.

What is Emily?

Emily is a smart assistant that skillfully and politely handles all of your scheduling tasks in a way that feels refreshingly natural. Whether it's setting up meetings, updating your calendar, or providing reminders, Emily is there to lend a helping hand without you having to lift a finger.

How does Emily work?

Using Emily is as easy as adding her to your scheduling email thread. Once she's in the conversation, she takes charge, engaging in conversations with your contacts to find the best timing for everyone involved. This means no more awkward and time-consuming negotiations—Emily does all the hard work for you!

What can Emily do for you?

  • Calendar Management: Schedule, update, and provide reminders for meetings and appointments.
  • Email Management: Prioritize, categorize, and provide brief summaries of emails.

Pros and Cons


  • Streamlines the scheduling process
  • Automated calendar and email management
  • Easy to use—no complex configuration needed


  • Limited to Gmail users
  • Requires access to email content

Get Your Emily Today!

Ready to experience a brand-new way of scheduling? All it takes is a simple registration with your Gmail account. Once signed up, just add Emily to your scheduling email thread and let her take it from there. No more headaches, no more endless emails—just a seamless scheduling experience with Emily by your side.

So, why not give Emily a try? Sign up today and say hello to stress-free scheduling!

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