In the bustling online marketplace, businesses are continuously striving to capture the fleeting attention of consumers. emerges as a compelling solution, offering a suite of tools powered by artificial intelligence to enhance customer engagement and boost sales for online stores.

Smart Pop-Up Messages

Prooftiles brings a fresh approach with non-intrusive pop-up messages designed to catch the eye without disrupting the user experience. These messages are not just attention-grabbers; they are strategized to encourage buyers to indulge in higher-value transactions through appealing upsells, thereby increasing the average order value (AOV).

Building Consumer Trust

The tool recognizes the importance of trust in e-commerce. It achieves this by displaying social proof through real-time activity showcases that exhibit recent purchases, sign-ups, or other customer actions, laying down a foundation of credibility for potential buyers.

Customizable User Experiences

Personalization is at the heart of Prooftiles. Understanding that each visitor has unique interests and behaviors, the platform allows for tailored experiences. This degree of personalization enhances user engagement, making visitors feel seen and catered to.

By guiding users and helping them navigate, Prooftiles simplifies the browsing experience. The AI identifies the most opportune moments to offer assistance, ensuring that users find what they need with ease and are less likely to abandon their journey mid-way.

Lead Collection and Analytics

Prooftiles comes equipped with the capability to collect leads, making it easier for businesses to gather customer information for more targeted and effective marketing initiatives. Additionally, robust analytics allow users to track the performance of messages to identify which ones resonate with audiences and which could be improved or replaced.

Full Control and Customization

Users can take full control of the messaging by customizing the look and feel of the pop-ups, adding animations, and setting trigger rules. This level of customization means that messages can be finely tuned to blend seamlessly with the store's design and brand aesthetic.

AI Writing Assistant

The tool's AI Writing Assistant, built on GPT-4 technology, aids in crafting compelling messages that are designed to convert. It helps in generating ideas, refining content, and creating more engaging pop-ups that promise to enhance the conversion rate significantly.

For businesses looking to test the waters, Prooftiles offers a free trial, allowing potential users to see firsthand how the tool can impact conversion rates. Those ready to take advantage of this AI-powered platform can create an account free of charge and get started immediately. Moreover, integration is a breeze with support for over 100 of the most popular online tools.

As businesses seek to maximize their conversion rate optimization (CRO), tools like Prooftiles become invaluable. Offering a blend of automation with a human touch, Prooftiles sets the stage for increased revenue, higher engagement, and a competitive edge in the digital marketplace. Visit Prooftiles to discover how AI can redefine the way you connect with your customers.

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