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Process customer inquiries faster

November 22, 2023
Process customer inquiries faster

Are you finding it challenging to keep up with customer inquiries and manage incoming emails for order processing? is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline your order management process and improve your response time to customer inquiries. Here's why you should consider using for your business:

Extract and Validate Order Information is designed to understand email conversations, PDF- & Excel attachments, and validate the extracted order information against your master data. This means it can instantly highlight discrepancies and identify missing information, saving you valuable time in the order processing pipeline.

AI-powered Product Matching uses artificial intelligence to analyze your product information and develop a technical understanding. Even orders without part numbers can be processed with high reliability. If information for an unambiguous article assignment is missing, the tool can suggest options, allowing for efficient order processing and management.

Manage Emails in a Central Dashboard

Incoming emails are automatically categorized based on their content and displayed on a central dashboard. Users are assigned based on the recognized customer, enabling everyone in your team to keep an overview and cover during absences.

Easy Integration with CRM & ERP Systems

Orders and quotations generated by can be adjusted before submission, and the tool is designed to work seamlessly with CRM & ERP systems, making your overall order management process more efficient and streamlined.

Using can significantly increase the overall productivity of your sales and order management teams, making it a trusted solution for industry leaders. With its ability to streamline the order processing pipeline and improve response times to customer inquiries, it's a valuable asset for any business looking to achieve better efficiency and customer satisfaction.


  • Simplifies order management process
  • Improves response time to customer inquiries
  • AI-powered product matching for accurate processing


  • Initial setup and integration may require some learning time
  • Limited customizability depending on specific business needs

If you're looking for a way to simplify your order management process and ensure higher accuracy, is a tool worth considering. You can book a demo to see how it can transform your order processing workflow for the better.

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