Discover the Breakthrough in Press Release Management: Automated Writing and Distribution Tool

In the world of public relations, getting your message out effectively and efficiently is paramount. That's where an innovative, time-saving solution comes into play—an automated tool designed to write and distribute your press releases.

Innovative AI-powered Press Release Creation

At the heart of this platform is an AI Press Release Writer that does the legwork for you. With a simple summary of your news or announcement, you'll have a professionally crafted press release ready in minutes. There's no more staring at a blank page, trying to compose the perfect headline—this tool includes a PR Title Generator to create engaging titles that catch the attention of your audience.

Expansive Distribution Network

Once your press release is polished and ready to go, the system doesn't stop there. It boasts an automated distribution feature that pushes your news to over 2,500 media outlets, including journalists, bloggers, podcasters, and influencers, ensuring your press release reaches a diverse and targeted audience.

Comprehensive Media Database

To tailor your message to the right recipients, access a targeted media database spanning 2,500 local and global contacts, which the tool utilizes to connect your announcement with relevant outlets. Whether your audience is mainstream media like Fox or CBS affiliates, niche bloggers, or social media influencers, this tool's database has it covered.

Cross-platform Accessibility

The convenience of this tool extends to its accessibility—you can use it from your preferred desktop or mobile browsers. The flexibility of this cross-platform functionality means you can create and distribute press releases anytime, anywhere.

Supporting the Community

In demonstrating social responsibility, the company behind this platform is not only a U.S. Veteran and Black-owned business but also commits to giving back. A portion of each transaction goes to support Black Lives Matter and Feeding America, aligning your PR efforts with a cause that has a positive impact on the community.


· Quick and easy creation of press releases

· AI-powered title and content generation

· Extensive automated distribution network

· Access to a targeted media database

· Available on both desktop and mobile browsers

· Supports important social causes with each transaction


· The automated nature may not capture the unique voice of a company as well as a human writer

· Some may prefer more hands-on control over the distribution process

In conclusion, for businesses and individuals looking to maximize their PR efficiency without compromising on reach, this automated press release writer and distributer offers a powerful solution. It streamlines the process of announcing and promoting your latest news, providing a comprehensive platform that saves time and potentially expands your media presence.

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