Peek AI

Peek AI: Your AI Chatbot Companion on MacOS

Do you often use AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard, Pi, or Perplexity for various tasks? If so, Peek is the perfect MacOS Menu Bar application to streamline your interactions with these AI chatbots. With Peek, you can seamlessly switch between multiple AI chatbots, take screenshots of your conversations, and enjoy the convenience of a floating window that's always within reach.

Peek provides a user-friendly interface to interact with AI chatbots, offering the following features:

  • Multiple AI Chatbots: Peek supports ChatGPT, Bard, Pi, and Perplexity, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different chatbots using the dropdown menu.
  • Privacy Protection: Peek operates as a webview of the chatbot platforms, ensuring that no data is passed through the app. Your conversations remain secure and are handled through the respective chatbot platforms.
  • No API Keys Required: Simply log in with your accounts and start conversing with the AI chatbots without any additional authentication steps.

Peek's functionality is designed to make your interaction with AI chatbots efficient and enjoyable:

  • Floating Window: Summon the Peek app with ⌘+J, and it will always be on top for easy access. Need to toggle it off? Just use the shortcut again to hide it.
  • Beautiful Screenshots: Capture your chat conversations with ease by using the ⌘+Shift+S shortcut to take a screenshot. Save it locally or copy it to your clipboard using ⌘+S.
  • Menu Bar Icon: Peek resides in your system Menu Bar, providing quick access whenever you need to chat with an AI chatbot.
  • Dark Mode: Enjoy a comfortable viewing experience with Peek's dark mode, perfect for late-night chat sessions or simply reducing screen glare.

Installing Peek is a breeze. Simply download the latest release and pay what you want. Unzip the file, move Peek to your application folder, and launch the app from your MacOS Applications folder. Then, start conversing with the AI chatbots of your choice using the intuitive interface and handy shortcuts.

Peek is a versatile tool with a wide range of applications, suitable for:

  • Developers: Use Peek as a coding co-pilot, getting quick answers and suggestions from AI chatbots while you code.
  • Writers: Whether you're working on documents, notes, or creative writing projects, Peek can provide valuable ideas and support for your writing endeavors.
  • Students: Access AI chatbots for research, study support, or general knowledge inquiries, all within a convenient MacOS application.
  • AI Enthusiasts: If you simply enjoy engaging with AI chatbots for fun or productivity, Peek offers a user-friendly platform for your chats.

With Peek, you're no longer limited to interacting with AI chatbots through web browsers. This MacOS Menu Bar application brings the power of multiple AI chatbots to your fingertips, with seamless switching between platforms, privacy protection, and intuitive functionality all in one place.

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