Discover the Magic of Poised: Your AI Assistance for Stellar Meetings

In the world of business communication, clarity and confidence are crucial. Whether you're leading a team, negotiating a deal, or pitching an idea, how you express yourself can make all the difference. That's where Poised comes into play—your personal AI-powered assistant designed to help you nail every conversation, especially during customer calls.

Poised works silently in the background, providing personalized suggestions to help you prepare for meetings. During the conversation, you'll receive real-time feedback, so you can speak more confidently. Plus, you can keep track of your speaking habits and watch your progress evolve over time. And the best part? All feedback is private, visible only to you. It's like having a speech coach who's always by your side, but completely discreet.

Features That Make Poised Stand Out

· Real-time Feedback: Get evaluations on your communication skills as the conversation unfolds, allowing you to adjust and improve on the fly without being distracting.

· Live Speaker Notes: Poised seamlessly brings up your meeting notes and helps you stay on track by ticking off discussed points, so you won't miss covering any important items.

· Automatic Summaries: After your meeting, Poised provides an auto-generated summary and a list of action items, streamlining the follow-up process.

· Progress Tracking: It offers insights on potential areas for growth and gives instant suggestions on what to try next time, tailored to each meeting's goals.

Trusted by professionals across various fields, Poised is lauded as the "Grammarly of speech" by those who've experienced its benefits. It's a game-changer for product managers, executives, founders, and anyone involved in interviews or sales.

Getting Started

Poised is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems and ensures data security, giving you control over your recordings. It's easy to try Poised for free—just sign up and enhance your communication skills in no time.

While Poised offers a plethora of advantages, there might be some points to consider:


· Real-time, non-invasive feedback encourages continuous improvement.

· The tool is private and requires no third-party involvement in your meetings.

· It’s user-friendly and easy to incorporate into any workflow.

· Poised fosters growth by keeping you informed of progress over time.


· Requires adoption of new technology, which might not be preferred by everyone.

· Dependence on AI for feedback might not capture all nuances of human communication.

With Poised, you can unlock personalized insights to excel in your role. Its design ensures that it's not a distraction, allowing you to stay focused on the conversation. Whether you're aiming to streamline your meetings, enhance your communication skills, or track your progress in specific areas, Poised is an invaluable tool.

Boost your confidence and take your productivity to new heights. Give Poised a try and experience the modern way to communicate effectively.

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