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November 22, 2023

PlanitTeachers: Your AI-Powered Teaching Assistant

If you're a teacher looking for ways to streamline your lesson planning process, PlanitTeachers is here to revolutionize the way you approach teaching. With our AI-powered tools, you can save time creating lesson plans and reports, allowing for more time doing what you love - teaching!

AI Lesson Plan Generation Made Easy

  • Effortless Lesson Planning: Easily create detailed and engaging lesson plans for any subject or age group.
  • Trusted by Thousands: Join thousands of teachers worldwide who rely on PlanitTeachers for their lesson planning needs.
  • Global Curriculum Coverage: Our AI-powered platform covers a wide range of topics from various global curriculums.
  • Personalized Resources: Gain access to a comprehensive library of personalized resources for all subjects and age groups.

A Suite of AI-Powered Tools

In addition to lesson planning, we have built a suite of tools to cater to all aspects of teaching. Our AI-powered tools include:

  • Child Report Generator: Create detailed and personalized reports about your student's progress, providing valuable insights to parents.
  • Email Reply Generator: Manage your inbox with ease using our professional email reply generator.
  • AI Quiz and Test Generation: Effortlessly create quizzes and tests tailored to your curriculum and student's needs.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • Personalized Resources: Our platform offers personalized lesson plans and resources tailored to your teaching style and preferences.
  • Vast Resource Library: Gain access to a vast library of high-quality, curated resources across various subjects and age groups.
  • Recommendation Engine: Our AI-powered recommendation engine suggests relevant lesson plans and resources.
  • Collaborative Platform: Join a community of educators to share best practices and provide feedback.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: We are committed to accessibility and inclusivity, offering multilingual support and resources for students with special needs.

Start Your 7-Day Free Trial Today!

Save time and embrace the ease and efficiency of AI-generated lesson plans and resources. Start your 7-day free trial with PlanitTeachers and experience the difference it can make in your teaching journey. With PlanitTeachers, teaching has never been easier!


  • Simplifies and streamlines the lesson planning process
  • Personalized resources tailored to individual teaching styles
  • A suite of AI-powered tools to cater to all aspects of teaching
  • Access to a collaborative platform for sharing best practices and feedback
  • Commitment to accessibility and inclusivity with multilingual support and resources for students with special needs


  • Requires adaptation to AI-generated resources and reports
  • Limited customization options for some users
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