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PLAN by ixigo

November 8, 2023
PLAN by ixigo

Are you tired of having dozens of pictures from your latest trip, without any information or story to go along with them? Zoner Photo Studio X can give these simple photos a new lease on life.

Zoner Photo Studio X is a sophisticated tool that is diligently masked within a simple interface. At first glance, it may appear no different than a regular photo streaming platform, but dig deeper and you will find a robust solution that offers an array of features.

Best Features

Here are a few features that make Zoner Photo Studio X stand out -

  1. AI-powered Image Recognition: Zoner Photo Studio X brings the power of AI to recognize and categorize your photographs automatically. No more scrolling through hundreds of pictures, this intelligent tool can identify landscapes, portraits, and other important moments.

  2. GPS-Mapping and Tagging: For all the travel enthusiasts, Zoner Photo Studio X can use GPS data to establish where the pictures were taken, then it can organize your photos by location.

  3. Story Creation: This tool lets you create amazing stories from your photographs. It finds related images and pieces together a narrative, all with minimal input from the user.

  4. Import and Export: Zoner Photo Studio X supports numerous formats for importing pictures, and this cross-format compatibility also applies to exporting edited photos.

Pros and Cons


  • The AI makes the manual sorting of photos a thing of the past.

  • Easy integration with GPS data for travel enthusiasts.

  • Simplified story creation for lasting memories.

  • Broad support for file types and formats.


  • The AI image recognition might not always be 100% accurate.

  • Some users might find the user interface slightly overwhelming when first starting.

For photo enthusiasts, travel lovers, and even the newbie on the block, Zoner Photo Studio X offers that extra touch for your captured memories. Give your photos a story, and turn memories into captivating tales.

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