Are you looking to build a web app but feeling intimidated by coding? Pico is a revolutionary "text-to-app" platform powered by GPT-4, allowing anyone to build their own simple web apps using plain language, regardless of technical expertise. No more struggling with complex coding or no-code tools – just describe your app idea in simple terms, and Pico will take care of the rest.

What You Can Do with Pico

· Grow your business with lead generation apps: Create web apps with forms, quizzes, and interactive content to capture leads, grow your subscribers, and sell products.

· Streamline your processes with custom internal tools: Create task management tools or customized CRMs that align with your specific business processes to save time and improve efficiency.

· Build engaging apps for your followers: Create apps that help solve problems, educate on topics, or provide unique experiences to keep customers engaged.

How It Works

1. You describe it: Simply explain your app idea in detail, just as you would to a friend, in almost any language.

2. Pico builds it: Using the power of GPT-4, Pico transforms your idea into a functional app, and you can easily make updates by explaining what you want to change.

3. Pico deploys it: Pico instantly provides a unique URL where your app is available to share. You can also set up a custom domain easily.

What People are Saying

"I've looked into Bubble and other tools before but found it too much of a learning curve. Pico is simple. With it, I built 135daily.com to share with my clients." - Ramon Williamson, Ramon Williamson Coaching

"I've been using Pico to create a web app Leaderboard and I am impressed. Natural language interface (type what you want to see), GPT-4-powered awesomeness!" - Josh Hawthorne, Learning Specialist for the Royal Canadian Navy

Everything You Need

· All-in-one platform: Pico supports the full app lifecycle from prototyping, creation, iteration, to launch and usage tracking.

· Fully customizable with just natural language: After building your app, easily edit and add features with simple, natural language.

· Access the ChatGPT API from your apps: With MetaGPT and Chatbot apps, you can access the ChatGPT API from your app to generate content or have a conversation.

· Instantly deployed to a live URL: Once your app is built, it will be deployed to a live URL that you can share with others, and you can customize the URL later by adding your own domain.

· Easily embed into any website: If you already have a Wordpress, Squarespace, or Wix website, you can easily embed your Pico tool into your existing website.

· Scale as needed: Your app will scale to millions of users without needing to worry about backends or servers.

· Collect data easily: Easily collect data from users and improve your understanding of how they interact with your app.

Before Pico, creating web apps required a certain level of coding expertise, or at least familiarity with no-code tools. But with Pico, all you need is your great app idea and the ability to describe it in simple terms. With its powerful and user-friendly platform, Pico has truly democratized app development, making it accessible to everyone. Whether you're an entrepreneur, consultant, small business owner, or simply someone with an innovative app idea, Pico is ready to bring your vision to life.

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