Discover Your Personalized Coding Interview Prep Assistant

Preparing for coding interviews can often be a daunting task. It requires patience, practice, and sometimes, a little help. Traditional resources like "Cracking The Coding Interview" or platforms such as LeetCode offer a set of questions to work through, but it may not be enough for an effective study plan. This is where Pgrammer comes in.

What Makes Pgrammer Different?

Pgrammer takes a step beyond by offering a personalized approach to your coding interview preparation. It provides a selection of coding challenges that are customizable by difficulty level to suit the role you're interviewing for, whether you're a novice or an experienced programmer.

Features at a Glance

· Coding Challenge Questions: A diverse collection that aligns with real interview scenarios.

· Language Variety: Support for over 20 programming languages.

· Personalization: Customizable difficulty levels to match your target role.

· Solution Analysis: Deep insights into your solution to enhance learning.

· Hints System: Real-time unlimited hints to help you when you're stuck.

· Progress Tracking: Saves your coding challenge history for review and improvement.

Starter vs. Premium

The starter option is $0 and includes features to help you begin mastering coding challenges. When you're ready to take your preparation to the next level, the premium subscription at $12/month provides an even richer experience. You can cancel at any time, and there's an option to start with a free trial to see if it meets your needs.

How Pgrammer Works

Pgrammer uses the latest AI technology, specifically GPT-4, to create an interactive interview prep experience. If you find yourself grappling with a problem, Pgrammer's AI, akin to a FAANG-level software engineer, can provide hints and conduct a thorough analysis of your complete or partial solution. It offers feedback in a positive manner while addressing points of improvement crucial for interview success.

Programming Languages and Editor

Pgrammer's versatility shines with its support for a wide array of over 20 programming languages. It uses the Monaco Editor, which supports more than 75 programming and markup languages, ensuring that your preferred language is likely on the list. If not, the platform is open to adding more upon request.

Determining the Difficulty Level

The process is straightforward. You inform Pgrammer about the level you're interviewing for, and it tailors the questions to be realistic and reflective of what you might encounter in a real interview setting. If a question seems too challenging or too simplistic, you have the liberty to adjust the difficulty for the next one, ensuring your learning curve is just right.

The Pros and Cons


· Tailored difficulty levels align with your personal interview preparation needs.

· Broad language support caters to a wide range of programmers.

· Real-time feedback helps pinpoint areas for improvement without overwhelming you.

· No need for code completion before getting hints or feedback.


· The premium price point could be a barrier for some users, but the free trial helps assess the value first.

· There may be limited support for languages outside the set list, although requests for additions are considered.

FAQ on Difficulty Level Adaptation

Pgrammer ensures the questions are aligned with your expected interview level. You may ask for hints at any point in the process before even writing code. It’s designed to cater to continuous learning, and you're always in control of the difficulty scaling.

For those seeking to enhance their coding interview performance, Pgrammer offers a comprehensive toolkit that facilitates an interactive and impactful learning experience. Why not start with the free trial and see how it can help elevate your coding skills in preparation for your next interview?

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