Petalica Paint

Discover Petalica Paint: The AI-Powered Colorization Tool

Welcome to the world of vibrant colors and seamless digital art transformations! Petalica Paint is a creative companion for artists and enthusiasts alike, offering a powerful AI-driven solution to breathe life into monochromatic sketches. With an easy-to-use interface, Petalica Paint simplifies the colorization process, making it accessible for everyone.

Transform Your Sketches

Whether you are a professional artist or a hobbyist, Petalica Paint can enhance your work by adding depth with its sophisticated colorization techniques. Simply upload your black and white sketches and watch as the AI applies colors, turning them into beautiful, fully-rendered images.

Customize Your Creations

Petalica Paint is designed to accommodate your unique artistic vision. With the option to add color hints, the platform respects your choice of palette while applying its colorization magic. The result? A perfect blend of AI precision and your creative touch.

A Variety of Styles

Making use of different artistic styles is a breeze with Petalica Paint. It comes equipped with several colorization styles named after flowers, like "Tanpopo," "Satsuki," and "Canna." These styles adjust the colorization approach, achieving various aesthetics from subtle pastel tones to vivid and dynamic shades.

Sketch Simplification Tool

The platform also includes a helpful "Sketch Simplification" feature. It refines and clarifies the strokes in your rough sketches, ensuring that the colorization is applied smoothly and accurately.

Evolving for a Better Experience

Petalica Paint's journey began under the name PaintsChainer, and in its three years of operation, it has evolved significantly. Now operating under the new name, Petalica Paint welcomes all users to explore the updated service, which now allows for commercial use. With an updated Terms of Service, this tool is fully equipped to support professional projects as well.

Continuous Updates and Community

Petalica Paint, formerly operated by Preferred Networks Inc., is now powered by pixiv Inc. This change in management has not affected the quality or the content of the service. On the contrary, it has introduced new painting styles like "Canna," renowned for its nuanced shading and lighting capabilities.

For the community-oriented user, Petalica Paint collaborates well with pixiv Sketch, offering an integrated experience.

Getting Started with Petalica Paint

If you are eager to begin, the process is straightforward. Start by visiting the newly established URL at Petalica Paint and read through the updated terms and privacy policies. Once you agree to the terms, you're ready to embark on a colorful journey of artistry.

Pros and Cons of Petalica Paint


· User-friendly AI colorization for sketches and images.

· Customizable color hints to achieve the desired palette.

· Multiple stylistic options cater to different artistic preferences.

· Simplification tool refines rough sketches.

· Allows commercial use with revised terms of service.

· Regular updates introduce new styles and features.


· Being an automated process, results may occasionally require manual adjustments.

· The AI interpretation of colors may not align with every artist’s vision.

· Limited to colorization; artists must look elsewhere for a broader range of photo editing tools.

As with any tool, artists will need to explore Petalica Paint to determine how best it fits into their workflow. Despite its constraints, many will find the ease and flair it can bring to their digital artwork invaluable. Take your art to the next level and let colors bloom on the digital canvas with Petalica Paint.

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