Discover the Future of Ad Creation with Pencil

In the digital age, advertising has become a keystone in branding and marketing strategies. However, creating compelling ad creatives has always been a time-consuming and costly process. That is, until Pencil revolutionized the scene. Pencil is an advanced AI Ad Generator designed to assist brands and agencies in producing new ad creatives with remarkable efficiency.

Integrating AI into Creative Processes

Pencil combines the strengths of creative humans with generative artificial intelligence to deliver fast, easy, and cost-effective ad creatives that perform well. Boasting experience with over 3,000 brands and agencies, Pencil has generated upwards of 1,000,000 AI ad creatives, demonstrating its robust capabilities.

Streamlined Creative Workflow

The workflow within Pencil is straightforward and designed to help you get the most out of your ad creatives:

  • Connect Your Data: Sync data from your ad accounts to gain insights from effective past ads, enabling the AI to learn and make informed predictions for future campaigns.
  • Connect Your Assets: Upload your brand’s assets, including images, videos, and product details straight from your store or asset library.
  • Create or Receive Ads: Generate new static and video ad creatives on your own quickly or let your Creative Assistant handle the task for you.

For those new to generative AI, Pencil offers a quick demo to demonstrate how the tool can aid in generating and editing ad creatives.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Creativity

The platform offers several features to augment the creative process:

  • AI Ads Library: View a comprehensive library of static and video ad creatives automatically generated by AI.
  • AI Generation: Save your resources by automating the production of creatives instead of manually crafting ads.
  • AI Predictions: Run creatives that are predicted to perform well, based on data from over $1 billion in ad spend.
  • Editing: Utilize Pencil's editor for real-time adjustments by designers or the media team.
  • AI Insights: Understand which elements are working in your ads, allowing you to optimize your approach.
  • AI Benchmarks: Compare your results against your sector and adopt the most effective tactics and creative angles.

Gaining Competitive Advantage with Pencil

Industry professionals are already praising Pencil’s impact on their workflow. Regarding efficiency, Michael Taylor, an agency marketer, likens the advent of Pencil in creative processes to the automation of bid adjustments in performance marketing, transitioning talents from monotonous tasks to strategic and interesting work. Similarly, Tye De Grange draws attention to using machine learning at the core of their agency operations, where Pencil’s AI platform has expedited the transition to a new, more efficient model, allowing teams to devote more energy to high-value strategy work.


Pencil’s innovative approach to generating ad creatives allows for increased creative scale, reduced production costs, and enhanced results. As the digital marketing landscape evolves, Pencil is emerging as a vital tool for agencies and brands seeking to stay competitive and make the most of their advertising efforts.

For more insights or to get started, explore Pencil and embrace the change that AI brings to the creative ad production industry.

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