Discover the Simplicity of Managing PDFs with PDFGPT.IO

In our digital age, handling numerous PDFs can become quite a task. With PDFGPT.IO, this process is turned into an effortless experience. A groundbreaking platform, PDFGPT.IO allows you to interact with your PDF files in a conversational manner, opening up a new avenue for quick and easy solutions to your PDF queries.

Offering a range of subscription plans, PDFGPT.IO provides you with various options to suit your specific PDF-handling needs. Below is an outline of their pricing structure and the benefits that come with each tier:

Starter Plan

For those who have lighter PDF-editing needs, the Advanced Plan is perfect. For $9.99 a month, you can manage up to 10,000 pages each month, and you're given a per-PDF limit of 10 MB. The plan allows you to ask up to 1000 questions every month, and it keeps a history of your actions for up to seven days. Chat and email support is readily available should you need any assistance.

The Popular Choice

The Most Popular Ultimate Plan elevates your capabilities for $19.99 a month. It generously extends the page limit to 25,000 pages per month and the size per PDF to 25 MB. With a 2000 question limit per month, this plan also offers the luxury of preserving your history for up to 14 days. Customer support is also bolstered through both chat and email.

The Premium Offering

For power users, the Premium Plan is tailored with an impressive 70,000 pages per month and a 50 MB limit per single PDF, offered at $49.99 a month. This plan notably allows for 4000 questions monthly and maintains your history for up to 21 days. Premium subscribers are privileged with comprehensive customer support through chat, email, and direct phone calls.

Understanding the Usage Limits: It's essential to note that while there's no cap on the number of PDF pages you can upload, the plans come with a monthly page consumption limit. For example, under the Advanced Plan, if you upload a 1000-page document, you'll have 9,000 pages left for that month. If another upload is a 2500-page file, you'll have 6,500 pages remaining.

This innovative service guarantees that you'll no longer have to sift through countless pages manually. You could say goodbye to the old hassle of finding answers within your PDFs. PDFGPT.IO has reinvented the way we interact with PDF documents, offering a platform where you can simply 'chat' with a PDF to get the information you need.

For further details on their pricing and services, please visit the PDFGPT.IO website and find out how to streamline your PDF handling process today.

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