Are you tired of spending hours researching, drafting, and comparing legal documents? Meet Paxton, your new AI legal assistant. Paxton is designed to help attorneys save time and deliver more value to their clients by making the legal process less tedious. Here are some of the ways Paxton can help you:

Rapid Learning Paxton enables attorneys to quickly learn new areas of law, making it easier to stay updated on the latest legal developments. With access to over 60 million documents, including federal and state case law, statutes, and financial regulations, you can deepen your understanding of complex legal concepts in no time.

Drafting Made Easy Save time on drafting documents with Paxton's seamless integration of case law, statutes, and regulations into your own templates and documents. This AI legal assistant learns how to write drafts, briefs, and more, tailored to your unique needs, making the drafting process a breeze.

Natural Language Search Conduct comprehensive natural language searches to research regulations, case law, and more. With Paxton, you can swiftly analyze millions of cases and statutes while staying up to date with real-time regulatory changes and financial filings, all in natural language.

Collaboration and Training Paxton makes collaboration easy by allowing you to invite and share ideas, load and save documents, edit faster, and comment anywhere to start a discussion. Additionally, Paxton can serve as an invaluable onboarding and continuous learning tool for legal teams, helping newer associates grasp complex topics swiftly and seasoned professionals to refresh and expand their knowledge.

What Users Are Saying Users love Paxton for its speed, ease of use, and accurate citations. They find it to be an essential tool for legal research, writing, and finding relevant statutes, streamlining their legal processes.

Try Paxton for Free The best part is, you can try Paxton for free with no account needed. Whether you're looking to save time on legal research, streamline your drafting process, or improve collaboration within your legal team, Paxton could be the AI legal assistant you've been searching for.


  • Access to over 60 million legal documents
  • Seamless integration of case law, statutes, and regulations
  • Easy natural language search
  • User-friendly collaboration features
  • Free trial with no account needed


  • Dependence on AI for legal research may require verification of results
  • Limited to the specific features and information available within Paxton's database

If you're ready to revolutionize the way you approach legal research and document drafting, give Paxton a try today.

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