PareOpen main menuProductFeaturesPricingLoginGet startedA universal reading assistant for research papersPare is a Chrome Extension that brings interactive AI to any publicly available PDF, without interrupting your flow. No uploads required.Get started with Pare in secondsDownload the Chrome ExtensionWork with research effortlesslyPare powers efficient research paper analysis for stronger and faster comprehensionWorks anywhereSeamless compatibility with any public PDF.Page-based Note-takingCreate, store, and access personalized notes.Unobstrusive designStay in the zone with an overlay that doesn't distract you.Understand complex termsEffortlessly familiarize yourself with esoteric or complex lingo.Clarify key conceptsUtilize AI to explain sections and ideas in documentsSummarize contentWork with documents better with AI-powered summarizations.PricingOur PlansSupport for individuals up to large, corporate teamsStarterFor light usage.Free/ monthTry Pare out for free10K Words1 seatAI Reading AssistantDocument & note-takingPublic PDF compatibilityProfessionalFor work and research.$25/ monthGet started100K Words1 SeatAI Reading AssistantDocument & note-takingPublic PDF compatibilityPriority Customer SupportEnterpriseFor Pare at scale.Custom/ monthSchedule a 15-minute callUnlimited WordsUnlimited SeatsAI Reading AssistantDocument & note-takingPublic PDF compatibilityPriority Customer SupportFooterPareThe universal reading assistant for work and researchResourcesSupportPrivacyTermsPricing© 2023 Pare Global, Inc. All rights reserved.{"props":{"pageProps":{}},"page":"/","query":{},"buildId":"HzDwyzsJd1RhiWBLI51oP","nextExport":true,"autoExport":true,"isFallback":false,"locale":"en","locales":["en"],"defaultLocale":"en","scriptLoader":[]}

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