You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. PaperTalk.ioProductTeamFAQGet started for freeTransforming Research Understanding with AI-Driven ExplanationsGet started for free🚀 Beta Access Special!Upload 5 Papers FREE! Share Feedback & Raise Limit to 10 Papers Let's Redefine Research Together! 📚Product InsightsDecode the Depth: Concise ExplanationsPaperTalk simplifies the research paper understanding process by generating concise 500-word explanations for uploaded papers. Our system highlights key aspects such as the problem, solution, approach, and technologies mentioned by the author, providing better and quicker comprehension.Listen and Learn: Transforming Research into AudiobooksPaperTalk introduces an innovative audiobook feature powered by advanced Gen AI, we simplify complex concepts into understandable audio formats. Download or play our 5-minute audiobooks on our platform and unlock a new dimension of research understanding.Our MissionAt PaperTalk, our mission is to bridge the gap between research papers and the wider world. By simplifying the understanding process and presenting information in visual and audio formats, we aim to unlock the treasure of knowledge and make it accessible to all. Our goal is to increase the reach and impact of research papers across the globe, empowering individuals and driving innovation.TeamWe are a passionate team of software engineers and researchers driven by a global vision. With a strong desire to make a meaningful impact, we are dedicated to creating solutions that empower communities and foster accelerated growth.Harsh PatelConnect on LinkedInDevanshu BrahmbhattConnect on LinkedInFAQHow many research papers can I upload during the beta phase?• During the beta phase, you can upload up to 5 research papers.What happens when the pricing is launched?• Once the pricing is launched, you'll have access to unlimited paper capacity.How are the explanations generated?• Explanations are generated using a trained LLM (Language Model).What is the duration of the audiobooks?• Audiobooks are approximately 5 minutes long, providing concise research insights.What is the mission of• The mission is to provide easy and fast explanations of research papers using AI and offer audio books for accessibility.Can't we just use ChatGPT for understanding research papers?• While we leverage LLM capabilities, is a comprehensive end-to-end system. With advancements in prompt engineering, we've built a seamless platform where you no longer need to manually upload papers or write prompts. Our AI system automatically converts research papers into concise audiobook & explanations, providing a systematic and efficient way to access and store knowledge.

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