In an ever-evolving job market, keeping your company's skills relevant is a top priority. As employees seek growth opportunities and career development within their organizations, a revolutionary tool is making waves—let's talk about Palm.

Elevating Skills and Careers with AI

Palm is an AI-based platform designed to simplify and automate the seemingly complex task of skills mapping within an organization. With the ability to swiftly visualize the skills gap, Palm empowers companies to engage employees in personalized career paths. Thanks to real-time information, management can quickly see where there's a need for skill development or realignment.

The statistics are clear. Up to 47% of employees might leave a company within two years due to a lack of clarity around career progression. Moreover, 94% of the workforce would prefer to stay if the company invested in their skill development. With 40% of jobs at risk of becoming obsolete due to skill obsolescence within three years, Palm positions itself as an essential tool in talent retention and development.

Key Functions of Palm

Palm boasts straightforward and effective modules to help manage the human capital of your organization:

· Skills Mapping: By extracting and leveling the skills required for each job role, Palm allows mapping all your skills in just a few hours.

· Career Pathways: Visualize and plan employee career paths seamlessly.

· Talent Marketplace: Navigate the internal talent pool with ease.

· Performance and Potential: Monitor and project the evolving skills and potential of your workforce.

With Palm's innovative solution, companies like Grant Thornton have streamlined their talent management processes, from identifying relevant training opportunities to engaging employees efficiently.

Boosting ROI with Palm

Harnessing the power of Palm comes with several significant benefits:

· Saves an average of 30 hours per HRBP annually.

· A reduction in turnover by 20%, favoring internal mobility.

· Detection of 80% of skills automatically.

Palm: A Strategic Partner for HR and Managers

Palm goes beyond being just a functional tool—it's a strategic partner for key players within the enterprise. As an intuitive platform, it provides precise custom dashboards, guiding interview sessions, anticipating future skills, and professions of domains, and assisting in actualizing company ambition with AI sophistication.

Breaking Down Silos

One of the biggest shifts Palm encourages is the move away from siloed departments. It’s a win-win scenario; managers no longer hoard talent but benefit from:

· Reduced resignations.

· Greater available talent pool.

· AI assistance in identifying the right people for projects.

Personalized Career Paths for Every Talent

Recognizing the importance of training and internal advancement, especially for Generation Z, Palm offers tools to create individual and engaging career paths. With its intuitive design, Palm is making internal training and evolution not just a priority but a practical reality.

For those eager to explore how Palm can transform their human capital management, a demonstration is just a request away. Organizations already put their trust in Palm, recognizing its role as a catalyst for success.andestproposecareer_paths

Adopting Palm means taking a significant leap in harnessing the capabilities of AI to fortify the backbone of any business—its employees. By providing clear perspectives on career development and tailoring unique paths for each individual, Palm elevates not just a workforce, but an organization as a whole.

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