PageWise AI

Simplify Your Confluence Experience with PageWise AI

Navigating through Confluence spaces can be quite a chore, especially when the data is vast. Imagine a tool that transforms this cumbersome process into effortless, quick, and productive work. That's where PageWise steps in, integrating the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the way you handle your company’s knowledge base. By enabling natural and conversational interactions directly in Slack, PageWise AI makes accessing information as easy as chatting with a colleague.

Effortless Integration and Access

Integration worries are a thing of the past with PageWise AI. It's designed to be user-friendly, allowing anyone to set it up in a matter of minutes. You won’t need an IT degree to get it running; just add it to your Slack and Confluence accounts and let it handle the rest.

Streamlined Knowledge Retrieval

Bid farewell to the days of endlessly scrolling through Confluence pages to find the data you need. Once linked to your Slack workspace, PageWise AI neatly brings your Confluence content to you, thereby reducing time spent on queries that lead you nowhere.

Enhanced Productivity

By eliminating the need to answer the same questions over and over, your team is free to concentrate on tasks that truly matter. The AI assistant within PageWise is adept at spotting connections within your Confluence content, presenting insights that were previously masked by the sheer volume of information.

Improved Team Communication

Facilitate better conversations among team members by quickly referencing relevant Confluence data. With PageWise AI, sharing and communicating intricate details is more efficient and less prone to misinterpretation.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you're managing a startup or steering a large enterprise, PageWise AI grows with you. It equips you with dynamic access to your ever-expanding repository of information, ensuring your knowledge base never becomes an obstacle as your business scales up.

Pricing Tiers for Different Needs

PageWise AI offers a range of plans tailored to suit diverse team sizes and requirements:


Starter Plan: Ideal for small teams that need to manage about 500 (1000-word) pages and ask up to 5000 questions per month. At $69 per month, it comes with 1 million ingestion tokens.


Pro Plan: Suited for growing teams, with the capacity to handle approximately 1,500 (1000-word) pages and entertain 10,000 questions monthly. This popular option is priced at $179 per month, including 3 million ingestion tokens.


Ultimate Plan: Designed for large teams or extensive data needs, it handles around 3,500 (1000-word) pages and allows for 30,000 questions each month. This comprehensive plan is available at $599 per month, with 7 million ingestion tokens.

For businesses needing a more customized approach, the Enterprise option offers expanded allowances, custom integrations, and self-hosted solutions, covering sensitive data and compliance needs.

Understanding the Technology

PageWise AI utilizes the robust GPT-3.5-turbo language model, delivering precise and insightful responses. However, for those with more intricate requirements, an upgrade to GPT-4 is on the horizon, which promises even greater depth at a slightly increased cost.

Wondering about ingestion tokens? They're essentially the units that language models use to process text. In practice, a 1000-word page usually translates to about 2000 - 2200 tokens.

Keeping your chatbot up-to-date is currently a manual process, requiring a simple click of the refresh button. However, an automated solution is in development to ensure your AI is always synced with the latest updates from your Confluence pages, hassle-free.

For detailed information or any lingering questions, PageWise AI's dedicated team is ready to assist. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a solution moulded to your unique circumstances. The convergence of AI and human expertise ensures that your knowledge management is not just up to date—it's cutting edge.

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