Welcome to the world of AI-moderated research platforms where the speed of a survey meets the depth of qualitative interviews. Our tool allows businesses to make informed decisions quickly without sacrificing the quality of feedback they gather. Outset—the AI-Moderated Research Platform—is here to transform how teams collect and synthesize customer insights.

At Outset, we've taken the diligent process of conducting interviews and married it with advanced AI technology. You can now engage hundreds of participants across different languages simultaneously, getting to the heart of what customers really think and feel. Let's dive into how this innovative tool is changing the game for researchers and product developers.

How Outset Works

The process is essentially a three-step journey:


Upload Your Guide: Begin by adding your discussion guide to Outset. Customize the AI to act as your proficient interviewer, ensuring your brand's voice and research goals are embedded into every conversation.


Share Your Link: Once your AI interviewer is ready, distribute your unique link to participants. Compatibility with major panel companies or direct sharing enables you to reach your target audience effortlessly.


Uncover Insights: Watch as the AI delves into deep, meaningful dialogues with participants. It's not just about capturing their responses but understanding the motivations and feelings that underpin them.

A Trusted Tool

Outset is a trusted ally for many leading professionals in the research and design field. It saves researchers over a hundred hours per project and expands the breadth of insights that can be sourced from customer interviews. Teams can ramp up the speed of product delivery and focus on strategic tasks that matter, saying goodbye to the laborious chore of manual interviewing and analysis.

Unmoderated Research Reimagined

Why choose Outset?


Interactive Mode: Engage participants in fluid, in-depth conversations that feel natural and unrestricted.


Concept Testing Mode: Utilize images and videos to gather feedback on ads, designs, or new ideas.


Multi-Language Support: Reach a global audience with an AI that is fluent in all major languages and adapts to each participant's preference.


Automatic Coding & Counting: Free yourself from manually tagging and counting themes in the data—Outset’s AI manages that for you.


Synthesis and Export: Outset not only consolidates key findings but also enables exporting of data in a neatly organized CSV file for further analysis.

Security and Depth

Outset stands securely on the Azure OpenAI Service, ensuring your data remains private; no models are trained on your unique data. This means every piece of insight you gather is yours and yours alone. The AI moderation provided by this platform is crafted to derive detailed insights that can feed into both generative and evaluative aspects of your research.

Ultimately, Outset is redefining how customer insights are collected and leveraged. With real-time data synthesis and deep conversational engagement, users can stand back and let the platform reveal the narrative your consumers are sharing. Researchers, product developers, and UX specialists now have a powerful ally that helps them see the big picture without drowning in data. Welcome to a smarter, more efficient way to connect with your audience and innovate with confidence.

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