Discover the Power of AI to Supercharge Your Cold Outreach

The art of cold outreach is evolving, and Outboundly stands at the forefront of this revolution, bringing the power of artificial intelligence to your prospecting efforts. If you're in sales or marketing, you know how challenging it can be to capture the attention of potential customers. Outboundly dramatically changes the game by crafting highly personalized emails and LinkedIn messages with just one click.

Features That Set Outboundly Apart

High Personalization
Imagine being able to create messages that resonate deeply with your prospects by referencing their website, blog content, social media activity, and more. Outboundly offers this level of personalization, which can result in up to 12 times higher response rates compared to standard outreach methods.

Flexible Plans for Every Need
Whether you're flying solo or part of a sales team, Outboundly has a plan that fits:

  • FREE Plan: For individual users offering access to all features without any cost.
  • SOLO Plan: Designed for individual power users needing more credits and features for $19 per month.
  • BUSINESS Plan: Suitable for small teams offering extensive credits and support for $69 per month.
  • SALES PRO Plan: Ideal for larger teams or agencies, providing unlimited credits and priority support at a competitive yearly rate.
Accessibility and Support

Outboundly is incredibly user-friendly, coming as a Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with your browser. This means you can start personalizing your cold emails and LinkedIn messages in a snap, with a platform that's always within reach.

They also provide round-the-clock support, especially for BUSINESS and SALES PRO users, ensuring you have the assistance you need whenever you might need it.

Continuous Learning and Development

Staying on top of new trends is crucial in B2B marketing, which is why Outboundly not only equips you with cutting-edge tools but also keeps you informed with industry insights. They share valuable content through their blog and newsletter, offering strategies and analysis that can help shape your outreach strategy.

Your Outreach, Amplified

With Outboundly, gone are the days of generic, mass-produced messages. You can now engage with prospects in a manner that's not only efficient but also deeply resonates. The difference is clear with every personalized message you send, potentially transforming your cold outreach results.

More Than Just a Tool

Outboundly positions itself as an ally in your B2B growth journey, inviting you to join a community that celebrates innovation. Their involvement in the vibrant 1871 AI Innovation Lab cohort is a testament to their commitment to staying at the forefront of AI in B2B marketing.

Connect and Grow with Outboundly

Ready to revolutionize your cold outreach strategy? Become a part of Outboundly's network by visiting their website, exploring their blog, and using their resources. You can also follow them on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay connected with the latest updates and exclusive deals.

As you consider Outboundly for your prospecting needs, remember to stay informed about its benefits and limitations. While the tool offers unmatched personalization and ease of implementation, it's important to consider the cost of the plans, the reliance on AI accuracy, and the potential need for occasional manual adjustments to your outreach messages. The best way to find out if Outboundly is the right fit for you is to test its capabilities with the FREE plan and experience the difference firsthand.

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