Discover OppenheimerGPT: The Ultimate AI Comparison Tool for Mac Users

With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, keeping up with the latest advancements can feel like watching a suspenseful thriller similar to the AI equivalent of an arms race. For those intrigued by the capabilities of AI, there's a macOS application named OppenheimerGPT that enables a unique comparison of cutting-edge AI models.

What is OppenheimerGPT?

OppenheimerGPT is a macOS software designed to allow users to harness the power of not one but multiple AI models simultaneously. It provides the opportunity to compare responses from the most talked-about AI models like ChatGPT and Bard, as well as offering a combined search experience from Google and Microsoft Bing.

Elevated Prompting Experience

At the core of OppenheimerGPT is the aim to enhance the productivity of its users. The app allows you to launch multiple windows, letting you unleash the full potential of comparing AI-driven answers or search results. A standout feature is the app's capacity to live right in your menubar, giving instant access with a single click. This eliminates the hassle of juggling between various browser tabs and streamlines your workflow.

Quick and Convenient

With OppenheimerGPT, once you type a prompt, it's automatically mirrored, which means you get answers from both Bard and ChatGPT for each question with no extra effort. Additionally, you can launch as many standalone windows as you like, eradicating the constraint of being limited to one.

Lightning-Fast Shortcuts

For users who love efficiency, OppenheimerGPT doesn't disappoint. It lets you craft superhuman keyboard shortcuts to send prompts, reset the chat session, and more. All of this translates into a seamless user experience that’s time-saving and convenient.

A Pricing Plan For Everyone

The app offers two pricing plans:


Pro Version: For just $4.99, you can enjoy a lifetime license, access the app from the menubar, open an unlimited number of standalone windows and receive regular updates and bug fixes. This plan is ideal for those who want the full experience and the added perks of upcoming support for other AI models like LLaMa and Claude.


Basic Version: If you're not ready to commit, you can still download the free version, which includes access from the menubar and permits one standalone window.

User Privacy

A paramount concern for many users is privacy. OppenheimerGPT addresses this worry head-on by operating entirely locally without storing or transmitting any prompt data over the network. When signing in, the process is as secure as it would be in a browser tab with no storage of login details.

Future-Ready Features

For those with a proclivity for the cutting-edge, OppenheimerGPT provides a promise of more features to come, with over-the-air updates readily available for Pro users.


OppenheimerGPT brings a refreshing perspective in the use of AI, especially for those intrigued by the developments of this technology. By giving a bird

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