Are you interested in settling debates, challenging your ideas, or having an AI debate your own topic? Opinionate.io is an AI-powered tool designed to help you steelman arguments and generate debate topics, making it easier to engage in thoughtful discussions.

With Opinionate.io, you can:

  • Strengthen arguments using AI and gain a deeper understanding of different perspectives.
  • Settle debates with insightful analysis and counterarguments.
  • Challenge your ideas and explore alternative viewpoints with AI-generated debates.


  • AI-powered to enhance debating skills.
  • Daily debates to expand knowledge on various topics.
  • User-friendly interface for accessibility.


  • Limitation of one daily debate may restrict user engagement.

Opinionate.io is ideal for those passionate about critical thinking, debate, and expanding intellectual horizons. Give it a try to enhance your debating skills and broaden your perspective.

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