Discover the Latest Way to Find Your Next Dining Experience with OpenTable and ChatGPT

The dining landscape is continuously evolving, and OpenTable, a pioneer in the online restaurant reservation arena, is no exception. In its latest innovative move, OpenTable has teamed up with ChatGPT, the popular chatbot taking the internet by storm, to provide personalized restaurant recommendations directly through the platform.

Personalized Restaurant Recommendations At Your Fingertips

Imagine getting restaurant suggestions as easily as messaging a friend. This new feature combines the extensive database of dining spots on OpenTable with the intuitive conversational interface of ChatGPT. Whether you're planning a birthday dinner, a brunch with mom, or simply want to try something new, OpenTable now offers a seamless way to discover great dining options.

When looking for recommendations, you can ask questions as specific as:

· For a Date Night: "I want to find a place with fresh oysters and finely-crafted cocktails on the Upper West Side in New York."

· For a Mother's Day Celebration: "Can you suggest a well-reviewed brunch spot in Charleston for Mother's Day?"

· For Japanese Cuisine Lovers: "What are some alternatives to Japanese cuisine available for reservation this weekend in downtown LA?"

· For a Birthday Party: "I need to arrange a surprise dinner for my best friend. Are there any good spots that can accommodate 10 people in Austin?"

Booking Made Simple

The greatest convenience lies in the direct booking link provided with each recommendation. Find a place you like, and with just a click, you're on your way to securing the perfect table through OpenTable.

Gradual Rollout for ChatGPT Plus Subscribers

The rollout of this feature is set to start with ChatGPT Plus subscribers, ensuring a thorough testing phase before it becomes more widely available. Those eager to stay informed on the latest developments and releases can follow OpenTable on Instagram for real-time updates.

Join the OpenTable Community

OpenTable welcomes food enthusiasts to join its community, offering applications for both iOS and Android devices. Whether you're a frequent diner or simply looking for a hassle-free way to book your next meal, OpenTable provides a solution. Additionally, the platform spans numerous countries and languages, catering to a global audience.


OpenTable is continually reinventing the dining experience, and this latest integration with ChatGPT is a testament to their commitment to enhancing the way diners explore and enjoy restaurants. Whether you are an early adopter craving the latest tech-savvy solutions or someone who values the convenience of easy online booking, this new feature is set to make your dining decisions deliciously simple.

For more information on this innovative tool and other OpenTable features, general inquiries, or affiliate programs, you can visit the OpenTable website.

*Please note that the OpenTable website has its own privacy policy and terms of use which users should familiarize themselves with.

Pros and Cons of Using OpenTable's ChatGPT Feature:


· Personalized, conversational restaurant recommendations

· Easy booking with a direct link to OpenTable reservations

· A broad range of suggestions suitable for various occasions

· Progressive rollout ensures user feedback is considered


· Initially available only to ChatGPT Plus subscribers

· Feature availability may vary based on location and restaurant participation

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