Onnix AI

Streamlining Banking with Onnix: Your AI Co-Pilot

In the world of banking, where time is often as valuable as money, a new tool is reshaping how financial teams operate. Let's unravel the features of Onnix, the AI-powered assistant that is changing the banking industry for the better.

Seamless Slide Deck Creation

One of Onnix's standout features is its ability to generate polished slide decks tailored to Managing Director (MD) preferences swiftly. By learning from past presentations, Onnix can put together new decks with a simple prompt, allowing bankers to:

· Quickly produce data and slide shells

· Focus more on crafting the story and key observations

· Iterate decks in much less time

For Senior Teams:

Onnix enables senior team members to request a slide deck shell and directly interact with Onnix for further iterations.

For Junior Teams:

Junior bankers can build out slides with Onnix, dedicating more of their valuable time to developing insights.

Revolutionizing Excel Analysis

Gone are the days when running complex data analyses was a time-consuming chore. Onnix integrates with major data providers such as FactSet and CapIQ, enabling teams to:

· Prompt data analyses and generate sophisticated outputs

· Enjoy a no-code platform that surpasses traditional Excel capabilities

· Achieve higher quality insights

For Senior Teams:

Onnix serves as an efficient solution for senior bankers who need to perform swift data computations.

For Junior Teams:

For more specific client inquiries and unique analyses, Onnix is the go-to, empowering junior bankers to deliver high-quality results.

Instant Data Source Querying

Getting timely, accurate answers from data providers is critical during intense negotiations or research. With its ability to instantly query data sources, Onnix offers:

· Speedy extraction of answers with traceable sources

· A direct linking mechanism to your data sources

· Output and response delivery via email or messaging

For Senior Teams:

Onnix is an invaluable asset on live client calls when information is required immediately.

For Junior Teams:

For the more exploratory tasks or digging into the nuances, Onnix provides junior bankers with a quick and reliable way to procure information.

Embrace Onnix for Your Financial Team

Injecting AI into your banking operation isn't just about staying on the cutting edge it's about genuinely enhancing the workflow and output of your team. Discover what Onnix can do for your bank by visiting their website, learning more about their mission, or reading their latest insights on their blog.

For those interested in seeing Onnix's impact firsthand, consider joining their Beta phase to experience the tool's capabilities. As an AI solution crafted by bankers, for bankers, Onnix is tailored to meet the precision and demands of the financial sector.

Stay updated and connect with Onnix through their social outlets on Twitter and LinkedIn. For any inquiries, you can easily reach out to their dedicated team through the contact page on their website.

Exploring Onnix's possibilities could mean the difference between struggling to keep up and leading the charge in banking efficiency. Join the ranks of teams who have chosen to navigate the financial world with an intelligent, responsive co-pilot at their side.

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