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November 22, 2023 is an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize customer support and QA processes. It helps save time, improve quality, and boost revenues by replacing manual supervision with automated monitoring.

Benefits of include:

  • Saving time by freeing up 25%-50% of Customer Support & QA Leaders and Supervisors time.
  • Evaluating agents based on data from 100% of their conversations to get data for KPIs.
  • Identifying potential customer and revenue losses and earning up to 10% more.
  • Comparing multi-lingual CS teams with support for over 20 languages. Supervisor is an AI-powered tool for CS & QA Leaders that monitors issues leading to customer & revenue losses and ensures quality of all written customer communication.

It works by keeping an eye on common mistakes, tone-of-voice and spelling mistakes, and customer satisfaction & revenue influencing issues.

To get started with, you can create an account, try a dummy data based interactive demo, connect to your Helpdesk or CRM, and start monitoring your communication.

Pricing includes a free trial/first 3 months with no credit card needed, and a cost of $39/agent per month after the 3rd month, with custom pricing available for 100+ agents. offers easy integration into Helpdesk and CRM systems and supports monitoring in over 20 languages widely used on the American & European continents.

Rest assured, your data is safe with, as they do not use any personal information for their AI models and are GDPR compliant.

Customers across various industries have benefited from Supervisor, experiencing improved quality assurance, more effective customer service supervision, and a better understanding of the way they communicate with customers.

If you're looking to revolutionize your customer support and QA processes, consider trying today to take your customer interactions to the next level. No credit card needed!

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