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Are you tired of constant news updates and the stressful buzz of the media? Do you ever wish to keep informed about what's happening around the world without draining your mental energy? OneSub might just be the solution you need!

What is OneSub?

OneSub is an AI-powered tool aimed at providing a better, calmer, and more stress-free way to stay informed. This innovative platform carefully selects and shares news stories, keeping your emotional health in mind. Offering a variety of news pieces from around the world, OneSub keeps you in the loop without the overwhelming negativity that often comes with mainstream media.

Breaking Internationally

  • Vatican Allows Transgender People to Participate in Catholic Church The Vatican has issued a document stating that transgender people can be baptized, serve as godparents, and be witnesses at church weddings, under certain conditions.

Today in the United Kingdom

  • Boris Johnson called for 'bigger fines' for Covid rule breakers during first lockdown easing Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson pushed for tougher enforcement and bigger fines for Covid rule breakers as the country emerged from the first lockdown in August 2020.

  • UK Government and Police Clash Over Pro-Palestinian March in London The UK government and London's police chief are in disagreement over the handling of a pro-Palestinian march scheduled for Saturday in London. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has criticized the march, calling it disrespectful, while the police commissioner, Mark Rowley, has stated that a ban would require intelligence of a serious threat of disorder.

  • Covid Inquiry Reveals Discord Among UK Government Officials WhatsApp messages released during the Covid inquiry show discord among UK government officials regarding pandemic response and policing of protests.

  • Young actor almost missed out on playing Prince Harry in The Crown due to a tan The casting of a young actor to play Prince Harry in the final series of The Crown was almost jeopardized when he got a tan at the beach. Fflyn Edwards, 14, who plays the role, revealed that his mother had to slather him in suncream after receiving the news of his casting.

  • Former UK Cabinet Secretary apologizes for suggesting 'chickenpox-style' parties during pandemic Former UK Cabinet Secretary, Lord Mark Sedwill, has apologized for suggesting that the government should encourage 'chickenpox-style' parties to build immunity to COVID-19.

Pros and Cons


  • OneSub keeps you updated on global and local news.
  • It ensures that you are informed without being overwhelmed.
  • The platform focuses on providing emotionally healthy content.


  • OneSub may not provide the full extent of news as covered by traditional media outlets.
  • The curated news may lack diversity in perspectives and could present a biased view.

OneSub respects that your mental wellbeing is important and ensures that the news you consume doesn't heighten your stress levels. If you're looking for a simpler way to stay informed, consider giving OneSub a try.

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