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On model photography with AI. Without photoshoots.

May 17, 2024
On model photography with AI. Without photoshoots.

Everyone wants unique photos and images for their online store, right? The AI Fashion Models tool by Trendage may be the solution you're looking for.

The AI Fashion Models tool helps you upgrade your product photos to better represent the diversity and uniqueness of your customers. By integrating AI-generated fashion models into your photos, you can ensure a more inclusive representation of your customer base. No longer will you have to rely on stock images that may be used by countless other stores; this tool lets you stand out in the crowded ecommerce space.

Benefits of AI Fashion Models Tool


  • Instantly improve your photos
  • Increase sales by better matching models with customers
  • Easily customize your images based on demographic data
  • Enhance representation of ethnicities and skin-tones
  • Differentiate your store from competitors


  • May not be suitable for stores with a very specific or niche demographic

If you're worried about SEO, this tool can help you stand out. Don't be penalized for using the same images as everyone else; set yourself apart with AI-powered unique images that represent your unique customer base.

The AI Fashion Models tool helps you change and customize model expressions, gender, ethnicity, age, and makeup, and even allows you to batch-process thousands of images, making your store really pop.

Whether you're a small boutique or a large ecommerce store, this tool can make a significant difference in the way you showcase your products.

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