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November 22, 2023

Noty is an AI-powered workplace assistant designed to transform communication into actionable tasks, potentially saving up to 2 hours a day by automating routines and ensuring clear meeting outcomes.

Noty Features include:

  • Actionable Communication
  • Meeting Summaries
  • AI-Powered Follow-Up
  • Seamless Integration with essential teamwork tools

Noty is beneficial for project management and UX/UI researchers, helping to streamline workflows and store meeting insights for actionable steps.

Noty has received positive feedback from 30,000 users for making meetings more actionable and communication more streamlined. It has simplified decision-making, sped up the hiring process, and increased team productivity and creativity.


  • Saves up to 2 hours daily
  • Seamless integration with teamwork tools
  • Transforms meeting discussions
  • Makes collaboration among teams easier


  • May be overwhelming for new users
  • Adjustment period may be required

In conclusion, Noty is a powerful tool that redefines how teams communicate and collaborate, ultimately helping teams save time and become more productive. If you struggle with inefficient meetings and turning discussions into results, Noty could be the solution for you.

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