Discover the Future of Songwriting with NoteCrush

Crafting the perfect song is an art form, blending melody, lyrics, and emotion into a harmonious whole. NoteCrush introduces an innovative way to compose music that combines the timeless artistry of songwriting with the power of artificial intelligence.

Our Mission

At NoteCrush, we pride ourselves on our Songwriting AI, which is not just any ordinary tool. This AI has been meticulously trained on a vast library of popular and chart-topping hits spanning various genres. It's equipped to generate high-quality song snippets that not only appeal to creators but also have the potential to resonate profoundly with audiences.

Tailored to Your Needs

Designed with musicians in mind, NoteCrush addresses the common challenges faced during the creative process:


Boost Your Creativity: Quickly generate a wealth of new musical ideas and experiment with different concepts to open up boundless possibilities.


Genre-Specific Output: Whether you're in the mood for pop, rock, country, or classical music, our AI caters to your specific genre preference, helping you stay true to the sound you envision.


Lyric Generation: Find just the right words to accompany your melody. With our lyric generation feature, you'll have a complete song in record time.


Full Musical Control: Tailor your compositions to reflect your unique sound by choosing between major or minor scales, transposing key, and altering the tempo to suit your style.

Preview the Possibilities

Want to see what your song could look like? With NoteCrush, you are able to browse through generated sheet music outputs, giving you a tangible glimpse of your creation.

Be Among the First

We're revving up to launch our exciting platform, and you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this songwriting revolution. By joining our waitlist, you secure your spot to be one of the first to experience the magic of AI-assisted composition.

Originality at Its Core

Leveraging the latest OpenAI GPT-4 model, NoteCrush doesn't just create songs; it ensures each piece is truly unique. Our specialized evaluation process meticulously compares every creation with our extensive database of musical works, guaranteeing that your song stands out as an original masterpiece.

Clear and Simple Pricing

With NoteCrush, there are no surprises when it comes to costs. We offer transparent, per-use pricing, so you'll know precisely what you're paying for each time you harness the power of our AI to create.

In Conclusion

NoteCrush is more than a mere tool—it's a partner in your creative journey, helping to streamline the composition process while ensuring your music retains its individuality and heartfelt impact.

The ease and speed of generating new music with NoteCrush may rapidly transform how musicians approach songwriting. However, while the AI provides a rich bed of ideas, the emotional connection and nuanced touch of a human musician cannot be entirely replicated. Balancing technology with personal artistry will be the key to creating truly memorable music.

For more information or to join the waitlist, visit the NoteCrush website.

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