Are you tired of spending countless hours finding the perfect candidate for your open position? Meet Noon, the AI-powered tool for recruiting teams.

What is Noon?

Noon is an intelligent AI tool designed to handle sourcing of candidates, enabling your recruiting teams to save valuable time and resources.

Intelligent Automation

Noon allows you to fully automate candidate evaluation, using autonomous AI agents to surface the best candidate profiles for your roles. This means you'll be able to craft personalized outreach messages in seconds, saving you and your team from repetitive tasks.

Completely Autonomous & On-Demand Scaling

You can run AI agents 24/7, hands-free. It's designed to be completely autonomous, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks. Plus, you have control and transparency over every decision, allowing for assessment and improvement. With on-demand scaling, you're able to create or hibernate agents to meet volume fluctuations, providing flexibility in your workflow.

Seamlessly Integrate & One-Click Setup

Noon seamlessly integrates with any existing recruiting stack. And with one-click setup, you can get started easily and quickly.

Real-Time Reporting & Advanced Candidate Analytics

Noon provides real-time reporting and advanced candidate analytics, helping you make data-driven decisions in your hiring process.

Trusted By the Best

Companies like Retool, Replit, and Transcend have praised Noon for exceeding their expectations. They have found high-quality candidates for niche positions and have termed it a game-changer.


· Saves valuable time and resources for recruiting teams

· Reduces repetitive recruiting tasks

· Seamlessly integrates with existing recruiting tools

· Real-time reporting and advanced analytics

· Trusted by several high-profile companies


· While efficient, it may take time for users to fully adapt and maximize its capabilities

· Initial setup may require technical assistance for seamless integration

In summary, Noon's AI-powered tool offers a solution to the age-old problem of finding the best candidates swiftly and efficiently. If you're a recruiting team looking to supercharge your recruitment pipeline, Noon might just be the tool you've been looking for.

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