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NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI

November 22, 2023
NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI

Are you a creator looking to generate images from text? Do you need a tool that allows you to do this directly from your own hardware? Look no further than the NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI - AI Image Generator. This handy GUI tool is designed to run Stable Diffusion, a machine learning toolkit that generates images from text. It runs locally on your own hardware, ensuring complete privacy and control over your data.


  • Easy to Use: All dependencies are included, eliminating the need for complicated installations.
  • Text-to-Image and Image-to-Image Support: Whether you want to generate images directly from text or use an image and text prompt, this tool has got you covered.
  • Instruction-Based Image Editing: Features like InstructPix2Pix allow you to perform instruction-based image editing.
  • Prompting Features: Enjoy attention/emphasis, negative prompt support, and the ability to run multiple prompts at once.
  • Custom Model Support: This GUI supports custom Stable Diffusion models and custom VAE models, giving you flexibility in your image generation.
  • Image Viewer and Editing Tools: The built-in image viewer provides detailed information about generated images, with added features like upscaling (RealESRGAN), face restoration (CodeFormer or GFPGAN), and much more.

System Requirements:

  • Refer to the system requirements on the GitHub guide for more information.

How to Support the Development:

  • Check out the Patreon page to support the development of this tool and get access to the latest version of the video interpolation tool, Flowframes.

Helpful Resources:

  • Check the GitHub guide for detailed information on using the tool and its features.
  • Join the Discord community for help or questions. Dedicated channels are available for discussing the Stable Diffusion GUI and getting assistance as needed.


  • Complete privacy and control over data
  • No complicated installations required
  • Custom model and VAE model support
  • A variety of image editing and viewing tools


  • Minor issues expected due to active development
  • Limited to Windows platform

The NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI - AI Image Generator is designed to meet the needs of creators who require powerful image generation tools. Whether you're a game developer needing textures, an artist looking to transform text into remarkable images, or someone who values privacy and control over data, this tool has got you covered. With active development and a focus on user experience, this GUI is a promising addition to the world of AI image generation.

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