NeuralBox by NeuralCam

Discover NeuralBox: Your Ultimate Photographic Memory Aid

In today's fast-paced world, keeping track of the little details can sometimes be overwhelming. Picture this: you're trying to remember a specific detail from a document you saw a while ago, or maybe the quirky design of a T-shirt you passed by in the store. This is where NeuralBox comes in, an innovative tool that transforms the way we remember and organize our visual information.

NeuralBox is essentially your visual second brain. It allows you to use your phone to capture and remember anything you see — from receipts and documents to clothes and product packaging. The true brilliance of NeuralBox lies in its storage efficiency and revolutionary AI search capabilities. With NeuralBox, there's no need to worry about how much you capture; its goal is to help you find anything with ease when you need it.

Capture with Absolute Ease

NeuralBox provides multiple ways to capture photos and other visual items:


Snap Photos: Take a photo of anything that grabs your attention. No need to sort it into folders or spend time tagging – just capture it.


Add Screenshots: You can quickly import screenshots directly into NeuralBox using the share extension without cluttering your main photo gallery.


Import from Gallery: If you've already snapped pictures, you can effortlessly import them from your device's library.


Scan Documents: The app includes a scanning mode, which is perfect when you need precision for documentation.


Lock Screen Widget: For quick catch moments, you can use the widget on your lock screen to capture images in just two taps.


Auto-Import Screenshots: NeuralBox can automatically store any screenshot you take by simply opening the app.

Search with the Power of AI

NeuralBox offers AI-powered search capabilities that are nothing short of extraordinary. The app utilizes advanced AI models for:


Image & OCR Search: Whether you're looking for a photo based on an object or text, just type in a simple description to retrieve it effortlessly.


Browsing Visually Similar Images: NeuralBox can find images that are visually similar to the one you select, making browsing intuitive and organized akin to how our brains group information.

Effortless and Intuitive Photo Management

NeuralBox provides you with ample storage on both your device and the cloud. Consequently, you can save an extensive collection of utility images without consuming valuable space on your device. This unique system encourages you to capture freely without restraint, keeping your main photo gallery exclusively for personal and precious memories.

Subscription Options

NeuralBox is accessible with different plans to cater to your needs:


NeuralBox Free: Equipped with the quick-add lock screen widget, auto-import for screenshots, and efficient local storage. It includes AI image and OCR text search, along with AI image similarity browsing.


NeuralBox Plus ($5.99/mo): This plan offers unlimited photos and cloud storage along with all the features of the free version. Ideal for those who want to fully tap into the Visual AI Brain experience.

Pros and Cons


· Simplifies the task of managing and searching through photos and documents.

· Eliminates the need for meticulous organizing and tagging.

· Helps keep your primary photo gallery clean and focused on personal memories.

· AI-driven search capabilities are intuitive and powerful.


· Dependence on AI might not always yield perfect search results.

· Cloud storage, while spacious, is a premium feature that comes at a cost.

In summary, NeuralBox represents a leap forward in how we handle visual information. Through its intelligent design, it allows us to offload the task of remembering every little visual detail onto our devices, with the confidence of being able to retrieve it in an instant. Check out NeuralBox and experience the ease of having an organized and searchable visual database right in your pocket.

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