Welcome to the World of Deep Nostalgia™

Deep Nostalgia™ has swept across the internet like a gentle breeze, becoming a sensation that has breathed life into over 111 million animations, and the count is continuously rising. This tool offers an extraordinary opportunity for individuals to experience their family history in a way that has never been accessible before.

Bring Your Ancestors to Life

Creating a bridge between the past and the present, Deep Nostalgia™ lets you animate the people in your family photos with groundbreaking technology. Picture your great-grandparents, whom you've only seen in static images, suddenly smiling back at you, blinking, or turning their heads. It's a new, deeply emotional way of looking back at your history.

How It Works

Behind this fascinating animation process is a complex technology licensed by MyHeritage from D-ID, a company that specializes in reconstructing deep learning video. MyHeritage has embraced this tech to animate figures from historical photos, producing realistic, high-quality video imagery.

The feature uses multiple 'drivers' prepared by MyHeritage, which are essentially a set of movements and gestures compiled into a single video sequence. These drivers can be precisely applied to a person in your photo to produce a short video animation that you can easily share with friends and family.

Animation Enhancements and Customization

Before animation, photos might undergo enhancement to ensure the best possible outcome. For instance, clarity is improved to make the animation look more lifelike. Several factors determine the gestures used in the animation, such as the direction the person is facing or their pose, ensuring that movements seem natural and authentic.

A Personal Touch

You might wonder, can Deep Nostalgia™ animate multiple faces in one photo? The answer is yes, allowing you to see a group photo come alive with each individual displaying their unique gestures.

Compatibility and User Requirements

Deep Nostalgia™ caters to both color and black-and-white photos, so your entire photo collection is eligible. If you already have photos uploaded on MyHeritage, animating them is simple. For those treasured family photos that are sitting in physical albums, you'll need to scan them for animation, a step that can preserve and breathe new life into them.

To use Deep Nostalgia™, you need to have an account with MyHeritage, which involves a simple registration process. Once you have this set up, the journey to animate your family’s past begins.

Privacy, Cost, and Copyrights

Your privacy is taken seriously; any uploaded photos are automatically deleted if registration isn't completed to protect your confidentiality. Regarding costs, MyHeritage may vary their pricing for the use of Deep Nostalgia™, so checking the latest information on their website is advisable.

As for who owns the animated videos, the copyrights remain with the user—MyHeritage does not claim ownership. So you can share your animated images knowing they are entirely your creative property.

Sharing and Discovering

Once you've animated your photos, it's natural to want to share these magical moments with others. Deep Nostalgia™ provides an easy platform to do so. And if you're curious about the iconic animation of Abraham Lincoln, yes, MyHeritage used the same stunning technology to bring that historical figure to life.

A Journey to Your Roots

But MyHeritage isn’t just about animating the past. You also have the option to build your family tree, discover your ethnic origins through DNA testing, and delve into a vast collection of 19.6 billion historical records.

Starting with just a few names, the auto-matching technology from MyHeritage could help expand your family tree and surprise you with new discoveries. Who knows what or who you might uncover—a unique story awaits in every pixel and gene.

Explore your family's history in an innovative way with Deep Nostalgia™, savoring the newfound connection to your roots.

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