Discover the Innovations of My Voice AI

In an era where the spoken word is more powerful than ever, My Voice AI is at the forefront of harnessing the capabilities of human voice. The understanding that our voice holds more than the mere words we speak is what drives the innovative solutions offered by My Voice AI.

NanoVoiceTM - The Future of Speaker Verification

The flagship product of My Voice AI, NanoVoiceTM, stands out as a technological marvel. Built on the principles of tinyML, it’s designed to accurately verify speakers on-the-fly. This pioneering technology functions effortlessly even on the most energy-efficient edge AI platforms, making it an ideal and unique solution.

Key Features of NanoVoiceTM Include:


Speaker Verification on Ultra-Low Power Devices: As the world’s most compact engine for speaker verification, NanoVoiceTM gives users the advantage of authenticating identities on an array of low-powered devices.


Language-Independent Identification: This powerful tool transcends language barriers, providing accurate speaker identification regardless of language, and adapts seamlessly to various real-world conditions and devices.


Anti-Spoofing and Digit Verification: A layer of security is added with the ability to identify fake recordings and ensure the correct person inputs a random digit passcode – a testament to the deep scientific foundations of the product.


Capturing More Than Words: NanoVoiceTM also possesses the remarkable capability to discern emotions such as stress, joy, and anger, as well as estimate the speaker's gender and age, all through the nuances of voice patterns.

Bridging Digital and Physical Worlds Through Voice

As the voice technology market burgeons, My Voice AI is playing a crucial role. By realizing that voice is an intrinsic part of human interaction used to persuade, inform, and nurture relationships, My Voice AI is expanding the possibilities of voice user interfaces. The company’s advanced conversational AI allows for communication with technology solely through voice, offering a hands-free and seamless user experience.

The Driving Force Behind My Voice AI

Rooted in London, My Voice AI Ltd is a privately owned beacon in the space of voice-driven AI innovation. The company is crafting an ultra-secure voice intelligence platform, leveraging advanced machine learning to bring speaker verification to the edge. This means creating a more integrated and privacy-centric authentication process for users everywhere.

With expertise in cutting-edge neural networks and learning technologies, My Voice AI serves customers from various domains, including financial sectors and leaders in edge AI embedded solutions. Founders like Dr. David Horowitz, Ivar Line, and Nikola Andelic—combining the expertise of speech scientists with entrepreneurial spirit—underscore the company's dedication to excellence and innovation.

My Voice AI's Commitment to Privacy and Security

As a leader in conversational AI, My Voice AI recognizes the importance of privacy and security in an increasingly digital world. Using these advanced AI solutions allows users and institutions to safeguard their interactions and transactions effectively. Through these technologies, My Voice AI is setting a new standard in secure and efficient voice-based interactions and operations.

For more insights into the revolutionary voice AI solutions provided by My Voice AI or to get in touch, you can visit their website at (without download links) or reach out at their listed address:

My Voice AI Ltd
4th Floor, 100 Fenchurch Street
London, EC3M 5JD
United Kingdom

The company's dedication to enhancing user experience through technological advancements in the field of voice recognition and verification allows for the navigation of the digital sphere with greater confidence and security.

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