Have you heard about It's a chat-GPT tool that allows you to have a full chat experience right in your favorite messenger. If you're wondering what chat-GPT is, it's a powerful AI assistant that you can use to ask general questions, generate images, make reminders, and much more.

Here are some features of that you might find interesting:

  • Customizable: You can configure prompt parameters and save prompt actions for later use, tailoring msgmate to be your very own AI assistant.

  • Integratable APIs: Msgmate offers simple APIs to integrate predefined prompts with your own apps, making it easy to incorporate msgmate into your existing systems.

  • Anonymized: You don't need to share your identity when using msgmate. All API calls are made without attaching any identity information.

  • Fast & Accessible: Msgmate is fast and accessible, making it a breeze to use for quick answers.

  • FAQs: If you have questions, msgmate has answers. Check out our FAQs section to learn more about how msgmate works and what you can do with it.

We're currently in the alpha phase and giving away 10,000 free alpha credits. You can claim your credits by sending "Activate msgmate" to +4915259679433 using your Telegram or Signal account. With these credits, you can start exploring all the cool things you can do with msgmate.


  • Msgmate is easy to use and integrate with your own apps
  • The tool is fast and accessible, making it convenient for quick tasks and queries


  • The WhatsApp client is still in the experimental phase due to WhatsApp's commerce policy

At, we charge for the usage of API tokens on our platform to cover ongoing server costs and API calls from OpenAI. Our token pricing is fair and similar to OpenAI's.

If you want to take your messaging experience to the next level with a customizable and powerful AI assistant, look no further than

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