Simplifying Employee Support with Moveworks' AI Copilot

In the realm of business operations, efficiency is everything. That's where Moveworks comes into play—a sophisticated AI copilot designed to revolutionize the way we work.

How Moveworks Helps

At its core, Moveworks is about simplification and automation. This AI-driven platform empowers employees to seamlessly tackle a variety of tasks without having to leave their enterprise chat platforms. It understands over 100 languages, ensuring that global teams aren't hindered by language barriers.

Key Features

  • Enterprise Search: Quickly find content within your organization's database.
  • Task Automation: Simplify common tasks like scheduling and data entry.
  • Approval Workflows: Streamline the process of getting approvals on documents and decisions.
  • Ticket Automation: Resolve IT issues with minimal human intervention.
  • Internal Communication: Send out notifications and communications to employees with ease.
  • Data Lookup: Access important information such as company policies or customer data.
  • AI Knowledge Management: Enhance the way your company retains and accesses knowledge.
  • Employee Notifications: Keep everyone informed with automated alerts.

Products Tailored to Teams

  • Moveworks for IT: From resetting passwords to provisioning software, IT support becomes more proactive and less reactive.
  • Moveworks for HR: Offers support for HR queries, onboarding, and benefits management.
  • Enterprise Answers: A tool for finding precise answers to complex questions across the company.

These are just a few of Moveworks' capabilities—each designed to free up time and allow employees to focus on what they do best.

Use Cases That Make a Difference

Moveworks is not just about automation—it's about providing meaningful support throughout different departments. Here's how various teams can benefit:

  • HR Service Desk: Improves HR's response time and quality to employee inquiries.
  • Knowledge Management: Makes it easy to access and share organizational knowledge.
  • Self-Services: Enable employees to handle their tasks independently.
  • Cost Reduction: Save money by automating routine tasks and reducing labor costs.
  • IT Service Management: Streamline the resolution of IT issues and boost overall productivity.
  • Employee Onboarding: Create a welcoming and informative onboarding experience for new hires.

Trusted by Leading Companies

Recognized brands like Broadcom, The Wonderful Company, and Slack trust Moveworks to boost their productivity. These endorsements highlight the tool's value in delivering superior automated employee support.

Learn and Connect

Moveworks maintains a wealth of resources like blogs and community forums, where users can learn and engage with each other. For instance, Moveworks Live and are platforms where users can explore the various facets of AI in employee support.

The Practical Takeaway

Moveworks stands out as an AI copilot that serves the multifaceted needs of different business operations. Whether it’s IT, HR, finance, or even sales and marketing, this solution allows employees to be more impactful in their roles.

If you'd like to witness firsthand how Moveworks can transform your organization, consider requesting a demo to see it in action. With Moveworks on board, your workforce could be just a few clicks away from achieving a new level of operational excellence.

For more information, visit the Moveworks About Page or Contact Us directly for further inquiries.

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