Move AI

Unlock the potential of 3D animation with Move AI.

Animating characters in 3D has always been an intricate task—often requiring expensive equipment and a lot of technical know-how. But not anymore, thanks to Move AI.

Move AI is revolutionizing the world of 3D animation by making it remarkably straightforward to breathe life into your characters. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, computer vision, biomechanics, and physics, Move AI turns simple 2D video footage into robust 3D motion data. This transformation lets animators capture realistic human motion with ease and precision, without the need for clunky suits or elaborate studio setups.

Here's why Move AI could be a game-changer for animators, from indie creators to AAA studios:

Harnessing Tech to Animate:

  • Advanced AI: Enjoy seamless motion capture as the AI interprets human movement in your videos.
  • No Extra Gear: All you need is your camera, as Move AI eliminates the need for suits or markers.
  • Simple and Complex Scenarios: Move AI adjusts to single or multi-camera setups, covering a diverse range of scenarios.
  • Environment Flexibility: Capture up to 8 people in any location without the need for a studio.
  • Detailed Movement: With hand and finger tracking on top of full-body motion, detailed animations are ensured.

Scaling Spaces with Move:

  • Single Camera: Ideal for smaller spaces, facilitating motion capture in areas up to 5m x 5m.
  • Multi-Camera: For large-scale projects, enabling capture in expansive areas up to 20m x 20m.

Quality at Its Core:

The high-quality motion data you can expect from Move AI means your animations will feel authentic and true to life.

Compatibility and Ease-of-Use:

  • Easy Export: Move your animations into the world by exporting FBX and USD files to your favorite 3D software.
  • Automatic Retargeting: With the multi-camera system, animations can be auto-retargeted to your preferred character rigs.

Community Endorsements:

Discover the stories of people harnessing the power of Move AI around the globe, transforming how they create 3D animations.

Move AI is not just advancing the animation workflow—it's democratizing it. By making motion capture accessible and easy, concepts that seemed unattainable or too costly are now within reach for creators everywhere.

Curious to see how Move AI can change your animation process? Take the opportunity to try it for free and unleash your creative potential with the next generation of 3D animation tools.

Move AI: Innovating animation, one frame at a time.

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