Exploring Motorica: A New Era in Character Animation

In the world of animation, bringing vivid characters to life can often be a challenging and time-consuming task. This is where Motorica steps in, a pioneering startup breaking new ground with their advanced technologies for character animation. Their innovative approach leverazes the latest developments in generative deep learning, ushering in a new era of motion synthesis.

Motorica's flagship product, MoGen, exemplifies this innovative spirit. It is engineered to streamline the animation process, making it faster and more efficient for animators to produce high-quality locomotion. MoGen is especially unique because it offers over 150 styles of movement that creatives can mix to achieve the precise look and feel they want for their characters.

The User Experience

MoGen provides a user-friendly interface that's been designed to save time while delivering exceptional results. If the preset motion paths are not enough, users have the freedom to modify them or create entirely new ones that better fit their project needs. This feature is fully compatible with any fbx-compatible software, allowing animators to use whatever tools they are most comfortable with in their workflow.

Industry Recognition

The potential of Motorica's technology hasn't gone unnoticed. In a nod to their groundbreaking work, Motorica has proudly received a MegaGrant from Epic Games. This endorsement is a testament to both the value of AI-based animation technology Motorica is developing and its promise to catalyze creativity within the industry.

Accessibility and Support

Anticipation for Motorica's technology has been growing, and the company is set to launch MoGen in the first quarter of 2023. Those interested in staying ahead of the curve can register to try out MoGen's Unreal plugin, MoStudio. For additional support and guidance, a variety of resources, such as quickstart guides for Maya, Blender, and Houdini, are readily available on Motorica's website.

The Vision

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Motorica is on a mission to revolutionize the traditional animation market. With a focus on harnessing state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) technologies, this early stage startup is poised to make a significant impact on how character animation is created and experienced.

For more information about Motorica and to keep an eye on their progress, the contact channel is open via

Pros and Cons

While MoGen is poised to significantly enhance the experience of animators, considering its pros and cons can provide a balanced view:


· Speed: MoGen speeds up the animation process, which can contribute to faster project turnarounds.

· Variety: With over 150 motion styles, MoGen offers a wide range of options, satisfying diverse animation needs.

· Customizability: Animators can adjust preset paths or create new ones, offering creative freedom.

· Integration: Compatibility with fbx-compatible software ensures MoGen can be integrated into existing pipelines with ease.

· Recognition: Motorica's technology is recognized and backed by industry giant Epic Games, suggesting reliability and potential.


· Beta Phase: As with any product in the beta phase, there may be initial bugs or issues that need resolving.

· Learning Curve: New users must invest time learning the platform to fully capitalize on its capabilities.

By providing tools that harness Artificial Intelligence to ease the creative process, Motorica is set to become a valuable asset for animators and studios looking to elevate their storytelling through dynamic and engaging animations.

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