Mokker AI

Do you own an online store or run a business with an online presence? Great photos are essential in promoting your products to prospective customers. But what happens if you don’t have the resources or budget to invest in high-quality product photography?

Mokker’s AI Product Photo Generator is a game-changer. Using AI technology, Mokker can transform a single product image into professional, high-quality product photos in an instant. If you post on your website, social media platforms, or use marketing materials, Mokker can significantly enhance your visual content.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple and lightning fast:

  1. Upload Photo: Just upload a product photo, and let Mokker work its magic to remove the background using AI.
  2. Select Template: Choose from over a hundred templates spanning various industries and themes.
  3. Receive Results: Finally, have the AI create your professional product photos effortlessly.

What Can It Do for You?

Product image creation isn't the only thing this AI tool can do. You can use it to change the colors of your AI photos to ensure the photos are on-brand, making it easy to create consistent, professional images.

Now, AI-generated product images aren't reserved for online platforms. You can also use Mokker with a variety of projects like website content, social media images, and even print-ready high-resolution images to elevate your marketing and branding.

Why Is Mokker Special?

Mokker provides templates based on various industries - from elegant and minimal templates to those that focus on environment, food, urban environments, and more. Testimonials from happy customers and social media reviews prove its capability in transforming an image.

Pricing and Cost

The best part is its straightforward and transparent pricing. With affordable monthly plans and a free trial to get people started, it's an accessible tool with no hidden costs.


  • Offers instant results
  • Provides high-quality images
  • Offers numerous template options based on various industries
  • Allows control of colors within the photos
  • Suitable for small businesses, individuals, or start-ups with budget constraints


  • Limited to product photo AI generation only and does not cover a wider scope of functions
  • Dependence on the AI technology might not provide as much flexibility as photoshopping the images yourself

In conclusion, if you've been looking to create professional, high-quality product images but lacked the means to do so, Mokker's AI Product Photo Generator is the perfect solution.

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